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When I read the summary of the public channeling event where Erik described the details of his death, it took the wind out of my sails a bit. Of course it was all true, but I try not to think about that day any more. So yesterday was not easy. But then, I came to a realization. Were it not for you, my dear Channeling Erik family, giving Erik an avenue to prank and visit and tease and console and advise, what images of him would I be left with? Sure, I have the images of that beautiful boy growing up in our house and in my arms. Sure, I have those rare but comforting after death visits. But given the post traumatic stress disorder that entire day created, the most frequent image would probably be my Erik, sitting in his chair with a hollow point through this head. Those intrusive thoughts continue to haunt me, but thanks to you all, most of my thoughts are of a different Erik. An Erik filled with the joy that had always eluded him in life. An Erik hanging out with Andy, Adam, Kara, Emily and others as they revel in their new surroundings, probably changing it forever as they do. So I thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a beautiful way to see my boy.

Couple more things. Robert is going to be fine. All of his lab work is fine, and he’s not bleeding anymore, probably due, in part, to your prayers and healing. God I love you all so freaking much!

For those of you who have expressed interest in the Channeling Erik meet-up in the Los Angeles area, I hope you got your e-vites and respond. Let me know if you want to bring guests. That’s perfectly fine, but I want to make sure there’s plenty of food, drink, tables, chairs, and Chippendale Boys. (Just kidding. Tom, Jarle, Endre, Noah and George have agreed to be our strippers/cabana boys for the night. Yay!)  IIf you haven’t signed up but wish to come, let me know! It’s free, and it’ll be freakin’ awesome. (Erik’s words.)

We have two more blog members adding their name to the Channeling Erik workshop in Atlanta, and guess what? They’re coming from Ireland and Holland!! Pretty cool. For those of you who have signed up, let me know if you need a hotel room. I’m about to book that soon, but I need a head count to negotiate a good rate!

Now, enjoy this part of the 3/11/11 session!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Can you tell me a little about Starseeds and our galactic history? What’s that all about?


Me: You know, with the Lightworkers and the ETs and all that.

Erik: We can get into to it a little bit, but all this is coming to the surface, because of the contract on the earth is coming up.

Jamie (to Erik): Contract on the earth is coming up?

Me: Hmm.

Jamie  (to me): Do you know what he’s talking about?

Me: I don’t know, but it sounds like he’s talking about a bunch of alien hit men to me! Yikes!

Erik (laughing): Sounds good, but no.

Me: Alien assassins don’t sound good to me! You’re such a rascal! But seriously, I’m wondering if it has something to do with The Shift. Maybe The Shift is going to be like some people totally shift their perception to a completely different reality or dimension while others won’t. I’m wondering if that’s what this polarity thing is about, dividing the world into light and dark, love and fear.

Erik: Exactly! You got it, Mom, but it’s hard to comprehend that for so many people! You can’t just stand up and announce that to the masses! They’ll look at you like you’re fresh out of some sci-fi book.

Me: Or the looney bin. But hey, I’m used to people listening to me and scratching their heads or running for safety, so…

Erik chuckles. Probably in agreement!

Me: So will there still be some sort of magnetic pole shift, or will it be purely perceptual?

Erik: Oh, it’s gonna be both, but it’ll also involve other races, other alien forces, because when The Shift happens, our contract is over with being protected.

Me: Ah oh.

Erik: You know, we went into over 1000, 2000 years of dormant sleep, and now they’re going to be able to come back and communicate with us, inhabit the same space as us. Haven’t you looked up the coded messages they left for us to read?

Me: No.

Jamie (to Erik): Where?

Me: I must have missed that memo.

Jamie (laughing): Yeah, I missed that memo too. Is that in the cave drawings you were talking about?

Erik: No, it’s in the fields, for one.

Jamie: Like crop circles?

Erik: Yeah and they’re actually writing us in return.

Me: Hmm, alien love letters! How cool is that?

Erik: In England. They left the note in England, and this was many years ago. But people are so afraid of announcing it! It’s just so crazy, Mom! All the people in the military and the pilots—it’s not a question of “Are there aliens?” or “Are we alone?” That’s old news. We KNOW we’re not alone. We KNOW there are aliens. We have all the proof we need to back it up. Now we’re just waiting to figure out how to communicate with them, and we’ve already had messages! Written messages right on the ground! You can see pictures or, uh, somebody also videotaped it.

Me: Wow. So, is the magnetic pole shift caused by our perceptual shift or vice versa? What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Erik: It’s about the rhythm and the lifespan of the earth. That’s what really came first.

Me: The what?

Erik: The rhythm, the energy of the earth. That’s what came first.

Me: Oh, okay. I thought you said “ribbon,” and I was wondering…

Erik chuckles.

Erik: So the earth is living through its life, and it’s changing. It definitely has cycles, not just seasons. It has these tens of thousands of years in cycles.

Me: Okay. Tell me more.

Erik: So as it goes through this, because we’re such sensitive beings that nobody wants to fucking believe—

Jamie laughs nervously at the sailor language she’s having to repeat.

Erik (laughing): You’re getting good at that, Jamie!

Jamie (giggling like a little girl): Thanks! (sounds more like “thinks” though.)

Me: Yeah, really. I bet it was really hard for you at first, Jamie! But for some, cursing is very freeing. Plus I think it’s his way of letting us know it’s definitely him.

Jamie laughs for a long time, then heaves a long sigh.

Erik: So nobody wants to believe, but we are so sensitive that we can pick up on this shift of the earth. Because of that pole shift, the shift of the electromagnetic fields, our bodies are going to redefine themselves.

Me: What?! How?

Erik: Oh, don’t worry! We’re not gonna grow an extra arm or sprout a new eye! We’re going to stay in the same physical context. And our bodies aren’t gonna burn up or die off in mass to become enlightened! (He says this with a great deal of melodrama.) That’s all bullshit talk.

Me: Okay. That’s comforting.

Erik: We’re going to be human still, but we’re going to have, uh, not the traditional five senses. The average of us will have seven senses.

Me: Wow!

Erik: This is what we’re capable of now! It’s just the lower vibrations of earth keep us grounded.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And that’s kind of the sweet thing about it, too. You know, good and bad mixed up in the same pot.

Me: Okay, so what are the other two senses? I guess one of them is telepathy slash, I don’t know, clairvoyance or um, let’s see. Oh, never mind. Just tell me before I make more of a fool out of myself!

Erik: Yeah, the sixth sense involves all of the intuitive skills. Intuition comes through sight, sound, smell and all the five senses, but it’s not the tangible scientific input that most people are comfortable with. You know, it comes from another source, and it’s not part of the physical body’s nervous system. It’s part of our energy body. The seventh sense is going to be the ability to understand time and time travel so you’ll be able to shift in and out of that—to different times and different places.

Me: Interesting. Boy, when that happens, I’m going to short all the airline stocks! And by the way, beam me up Scottie!

Jamie (laughing): That’s true!

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