Meditation, Dreams and the Holy Spirit

Channeling Transcript

Me: Is it really important to meditate?

Erik: Is it important to eat?

Me: Okay, I get it.

Erik: Americans have just never been taught, they’ve never been fed that idea that a peaceful mind leads to a healthier body. Meditation helps you ground yourself to who you are!

Me: What’s the difference between the mind and the—uh, I know the difference between the mind and the brain, but what’s the real difference between the mind and the soul?


Erik: Well, you could say, we could divide the soul into characteristics. A soul could be an emotional part and a mental part.

Me: So the mental part is the mind?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: The mental part of the soul produces thoughts, hangs on to memories, etc. The emotional part feels and intuits.

Me: Anything else?

Erik: Nah, that’s all I got.

Me: So, I kind of interrupted you. Is there anything else you want to share about the importance of meditation?

Erik: No, it needs to be done to thrive, to grow, to live on. 

Me: Okay. Dreams. Are they really important? Not the lucid dreams. I’m just wondering if it’s important to make sense of our regular dreams, to interpret them.

Erik: You’re talking about dreams in the sleep state?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Is it important to dream?

Me: No, I guess what I’m trying to ask is it important to interpret them? Are there important messages in them?

Erik: Some, yeah, and you’ll know the difference. If you have the ones that are so freaking real, and you wake up and you can’t shake it off so it shapes your whole day, then yes, those are on your plate for a reason. Those have got to be interpreted. They need to be looked at.

Me: Ah!

Erik: But then if you have those dreams that make you smirk when you wake up, and they disappear real fast, like before you finished taking your morning piss, that’s just your brain working something out.

Me: Makes sense. Okay, this is totally a different subject, but here goes: What the heck is the “Holy Spirit?”

(Long pause)

Jamie (giggling): Why you laughing, Erik?

Jamie continues to laugh for a few seconds.

Jamie (in mock sternness): Erik, be nice!

Me: Ah oh!

Jamie: He’s making jokes about this person being in kindergarten. Spiritual kindergarten. What is the Holy Spirit?

Erik: The Holy Spirit is a name that some humans gave to the God Source energy, because it makes them feel good.

Me: Okay, so it’s like an energy. Because I don’t know what it is in Catholic terms.

Erik: Well, humans have a difficult time embracing something so abstract as an infinite energy field. They need to create something that they can relate to, like something that can take some sort of shape, something they can think about, pray to, hug.

Me: Yeah, when you think of spirit, you can even see it as a human-shaped thing.


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