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Enjoy this wonderful Erik story!

I sent the following email to Elisa (a little tweaked here for clarity) after receiving what I thought was a hello from Erik very shortly after finishing his book, My Life After Death. She wrote a lovely reply, confirming that was extremely likely as he pranks those who read his book almost 100% of the time! His ‘message alert’ had prompted me to write as I also wanted to ask if Charlie Chaplin might one day be interviewed on Channeling Erik. To my great delight, she replied that he’s already on the list and the interview could be fairly soon!

Dearest Elisa,

It’s 6.42 am in London and I felt compelled to write – to share a little something, ask something, and also say thank you and bless you & Erik for what you do.

I had a kind of Erik-y day yesterday, in the sense that I finished his fascinating book, My Life After Death, and then watched some of your Youtube channel, so he was in my mind. I’ve been familiar with Channelling Erik for some years now but the book gave me some new information to mull over. I was very interested in the part where he talked about playing with electrical energy on our devices to send messages or influence people or just prank them! Or cloaking things so they temporarily can’t be seen. Like so many seekers, I love a good sign or message from spirit. My dad’s sent a couple of really good ones through birds. He would be fascinated by influencing energy and devices as he was a brilliant scientist involved in the study of light waves, but I digress.

I was in the pub yesterday, feeling particularly happy for no particular reason (not just the glass of wine!) and texting my daughter and husband. The relevant background info here is that my iPhone has never allowed my husband’s text alert to sound! The phone buzzes but no sound, although that’s no problem with all my other contacts. I tried all the fixes I could think of, including deleting him as a contact then re-instating him, but still mute! His text alert is the guitar strum sound, designated to him only so I’d know in a moment if he’d sent a message. I haven’t heard it for 2 or 3 years now since changing phones. So I’m in the pub, holding the phone, and suddenly, the guitar strum bursts through! He’d replied to a text and the alert sounded!
“Send another text!” I asked him.”It’s fixed itself!”, but the next one came unannounced. It was a bizarre one-off and I thought nothing more of it.

Later that day, as I said, I had some Channelling Erik on TV, and then decided to watch the film about Charlie Chaplin’s life, starring the amazing Robert Downey jr. It was so moving, and such an incredible life, from the slums of London, his mentally ill mother, his immigration to America, his talent, his vision, everything. A visionary passing as a clown. I’ve read his autobiography and he struck me as a very special person. He had great courage making the film The Great Dictator, not only breaking through into sound and away from the familiar tramp, but covering that kind of political and humanitarian subject matter. We were only a year into the second world war and Hollywood thought audiences should just be spoon-fed escapism and propaganda. Have you seen his rousing speech in that film, urging people to retain their humanity? It’s awesome, and as relevant today as it’s always been. I’ll attach it to this email if you want to see it. His outspokenness cost him dearly, being ejected from America and virtually going into exile. Fortunately he knew love at the end of his life with his devoted wife Oona and their 8 children. (In total he had 11 children between 1919 & 1962!) The reason I’m banging on about Charlie Chaplin is because I suddenly thought, ‘oh my God! How wonderful and fascinating it would be if Erik brought Charlie Chaplin to be interviewed!” I briefly thought about contacting you with the idea and then disregarded it.

Last night, or early this morning, I had some dreams that were chewing over some of the subjects of yesterday. I don’t remember a lot, just that you seemed to be in one and there was one that had a hallucination trick in it. Briefly, my husband and I saw a rectangular coffee table that we were sure was ours but then when we looked at it later, it was completely different. In fact it was 2 square tables stacked on top of each other!
“How could we have looked at that and seen our table?” we asked each other, and then I knew it was because we’d been made to hallucinate an image, or overlay it over another in the way Erik had described in the book. I lay half awake in bed, pondering my dreams, and how spirit can manipulate and influence things to send messages, and Erik’s examples of pranks. I thought about how he used to play guitar and so a guitar themed sign would kind of have his name on it. Was that my thought or did he put it there I wonder? Because then the penny dropped. The guitar strum message alert!
“Erik!” I shouted out, now wide awake. “It was you!”

Just now I’ve made another little connection. The Chaplin film showed how difficult it was for him to transition from silent films to sound. And what was this prank about (if it really was him)? Transforming my silent alert to sound!

So in return for that fun communication I decided to contact you Elisa, tell this little story, and present the idea of interviewing Charlie Chaplin on Channelling Erik. It all seems to be been interwoven.

The speech from The Great Dictator.

With much love,
Audrey xxx

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