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I’m on the way home from camping. We had a great time with campfires, hiking and cozy conversation! Here are two great Erik testimonials:

Praise #1

My daughter took her life on august 27th 2015! she had just turned 25! No signs of anything! I have been searching for answers since then! I have been truly going out of my mind! Someone introduced me to your books and I could not put them down! It has truly answered all my questions and in a way that we as survivors of suicide and a loss of a child can only emphasise! sorry for the spelling! i just want to thank u so very very much because you have truly saved my sanity! i hope and pray that Erik and my Melissa become spirit friends! Their personalities seem to be alot alike! she had compassion for everybody! Thank you thank you thank you! Jo Jo

Praise #2

For many years I’ve had encounters with spirit. My quest to know more has been never ending. As the years passed and my knowledge grew, so too did my skepticism. I stumbled upon many avenues that confirmed my beliefs that the visits I’ve had since a young age weren’t just spiritual, but more of contact from other species. That in itself has sent me spiraling in an effort to join it all together. I had let go of the idea of some place of hell and damnation and ventured down the path of attraction, what we focus upon becomes our reality. Because my focus has been so intent on figuring out this “Alien” agenda, I seemed to have lost my focus on the lighter side of life, God, a Creator or source energy. I’ve questioned what were once solid beliefs in a reality that was my creation to wondering now just how much free will we have. Do outside factors have free will as well and how does my free will factor in when they seem to dominate and control this dimension. To make a long story even longer, I’ve started second guessing where we actually go from here and or if they have any control over that as well. You read and see so much in the alternative media that your ability to trust your sixth sense becomes blurred. Now to Erik. I ran across your videos most recently. I’ve watched many. I was regaining a little of my originals beliefs while watching these videos until I noticed one of your channelers eyes shape shift. I showed it to my husband to conform he too seen it. I decided NO MORE Erik videos. A couple days later I was at a book store. My husband was in search of a book and I was merely waiting for him without any interest in one for myself. As I sat in the chair passing time I decided to grab the closest book nearby and browse it while waiting. I picked out Channeling Erik!!! HaHaaa The chances of that happening are pretty slim considering Barnes and Noble is a huge retailer with thousands of books! So yes, I do believe he may be in tune with my skepticism of him and is wanting me to rethink my decision and get back on track. Funny thing as well, as I was typing this out and toggling between screens I saw a segment with Erik on Reptilians. LMBO! I’ll go watch it now … Thanks ERIK!!!!

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