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And now, (drum roll, please) the Jesus post we’ve been waiting for:

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, let’s ask this one again. Is there any “right” religion, Erik? I know the angel answered that when I asked it during a session with Jeannie, but let’s see if you have anything to add.

Jamie: God, he like leans back, and he throws his arm out wide like to slice something in half.

Erik: NO! There is no right one.

Me: Yeah, that’s what your angel instructor said.

Erik: And there’s no “wrong” one either. Don’t forget that. There’s no wrong one, cuz even all those cults that people create—

Me: Um hm.

Erik: Those people needed that type of structure or that type of control to feel safe.

Me: Yes, and I’m sure that with some religions, even the negative aspects are teaching models for the collective consciousness, too.

Erik: Yes. The only thing that really gets my goat, personally, is when one religion starts pointing fingers at another one and says, “You’re not right! You’re not right!” (He says this in a really whiny voice.)

Me: I know, and they all have threads of commonality that they can and should embrace.

Erik: Oh, easily they could.

Me: It just all seems to break apart when mankind massages a religion into a tool for oppression, control, or the satisfaction of greed.

Erik: We’re getting there; we’re getting there! Humankind is coming together to save the place where we live—the earth. And in learning how to save the place where we live, we’re going to have to find out who people are instead of what they believe in. Then, those belief systems are gonna broaden, and we’re gonna embrace each other.

Me: That’s a beautiful thought.

Erik: Now, we’ll never dance under one same sun.

Jamie: One same sun. Like the sun in the solar system. I think that’s what he means.

Me: Yeah, sure.

Erik: We’ll all view it so differently, but at least we’ll be able to keep our individuality. Those differences will be respected. Finally, we’ll stop pointing fingers.

Me: Well, it’s about time!

Erik: Of course there’ll always be groups who enjoy pointing fingers, but at least the balance will be healthier. The pointers will be at a lower ratio.

Me: Okay. Now, someone wants to know who Jesus was and if there’s a Christ Consciousness apart from the man, Jesus. Again, I want to see what else you know since I last asked you these questions.

Erik: Jesus was a dude.

Me: Erik! Well, I guess he was.

Jamie (laughing): No, the way he said it, “Jesus was a dude.”

Erik: He was born by a woman who had sex with another man.

Me: Aha! The secret is out! (I’m waiting for lightening bolts to strike.)

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Oh, and Jesus didn’t die on a cross.

Me: Oh, really? Tell me!


Me: Oh, wait. Of course, the soul, uh, that doesn’t die at all. Is that what you mean?

Erik: No, I’m talking about the physical body.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: There were just so many people who appreciated Jesus’ words and how he was teaching that, even though he wanted to die on the cross, he wanted to be held responsible like everyone else would have been, there were so many people who loved him, that they couldn’t bear to see him take the burden of everyone.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: He was kindly taken care of. Risen from the dead? C’mon! He was kept alive, and he left that tomb and was reunited. Mom, he was an incredible person. The strongest point about Jesus was how strong the love was that he created with other people. Jesus was not someone who spited anyone, ever. When he would—

Jamie: Did he? Did he do sermons on the mountain? (She laughs.) I don’t know!

Me: Me neither, being as how I was raised by atheists!

Erik: Yeah, he would give talks on the mountain, and he would welcome everyone, even the wolf in the crowd who tried to attack him. Jesus knew how to calm his spirit and really listen to his words and not tell him that he was wrong. He embraced him for who he was.

Me: So did he die of old age, then?

Erik: Yes, he did. He lived to old age and died.

Me: Wow! So what was his purpose?

Erik: Imagine—okay, we’re gonna use God for the lack of a better term—

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, God pinches off chunks of his own energy, and some of these chunks go into plants, insects, to feed the earth, the soul of the earth, and some of it goes into people as we are born again into the body. And some stay behind. They don’t come to earth. Those we call either angelic or, you know, holy or pure cuz they don’t taint their energy by choosing to live many different lives on earth.

Me: Oh, okay. So, those are the angelic beings, celestial beings?

Erik: Yes. And then, we have chunks that pull off who have this passion or contract to speak about the Source, the God, the Pure Energy. Jesus was one of many of those types of chunks.

Me: Wow, I never thought I’d hear Jesus being called a chunk.

Erik (chuckling): Yeah, and Buddha, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Sai Baba. There are many of these spirits, and I think that’s why we get these different religions, because we find someone so comfortable and all-knowing that we want to build a structure around them to understand them more.

Me: Ah, yes!

Erik: That’s what humans do. We build structures, we try to measure and compare and contrast and label, and so we did that around Jesus, too. Same with Krishna, Buddha, and several others. The point it, they come to earth, but they don’t cycle through life after life after life. And they don’t just do it once, either. Jesus has been back. Jesus has been here before.

Me: Oh, okay!

Erik: And “The Coming” really didn’t happen when he came to earth. Think about it. Jesus isn’t that kinda guy to place judgment and only take those who believe in him and damn the rest!

Me: Oh, no, of course not! So you’re saying Jesus incarnated here before, more than once?

Erik: Yep.

Me: But I thought you said that these are the souls that don’t cycle through over and over again.

Erik: Right. They choose the important or potent times of when to come back to earth to be the average person to help people grow. They don’t come back hundreds or thousands of times like the regular souls do.

Me: But they remember who they are. They remember that they are part and whole of the God Source, unlike other humans.

Erik: My mama’s getting it!

Jamie and I laugh.

So, you thought this was mind bending?  Wait until you see what’s coming next. A hint: Bigfoot and friends.

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