Out of Body Experiences

Since my daughter, Michelle, was a very young child, she demonstrated many talents. For one, she can project her consciousness such that we have shared the same dreams. She’s also has had many signs of out of body experiences: the feeling of total or partial body paralysis upon wakening or just before falling asleep, the ability to see despite closed eyes, and much more.

I’ve had some similar experiences, but not nearly as spectacular. I believe it takes an open mind, a willingness to surmount fear, and practice, practice, practice.

Recently, Michelle has been missing her brother deeply. Like me, she longs for visits, even if it means she must take the steps to project her consciousness into the afterlife to do so. Yesterday, she shared two interesting links so that, together, we can develop our abilities:



One of these is particular interesting. If you focus your consciousness down to a single thread, you can hear a high pitched whine in your head. If you can keep this focus for three minutes or more, your vibrations will increase, allowing you to leave your body. I’ve tried this once last night, and I think I held that high pitched noise for at least 5 seconds only to be interrupted by thoughts like, “Did the kids unload the dishwasher?” “Winnie is pawing at the door. She must me hungry” (No, this isn’t one of my kids.) “Poptarts.” “Elephants.” You know, really important stuff. Okay, so I’m a work in progress. I do, however, feel like this might be an easy way to start. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share. Maybe we can book a trip at group charter rate! If we’re successful, maybe we can get frequent flyer miles. 😉

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