Ask Erik: Doug’s Question

These next questions come from a lovely man whom I’ve come to know well. He lives in a neighboring town and we’ve had wonderful conversations on the telephone for the last couple of months. I feel as though we’ve been friends forever; he’s that kind of guy. All of these attributes shine through in his emails. Doug also has such a warm and positive outlook, despite being plagued by severe pain in various joints, including his back and hips.

Doug’s Question

Dear Elisa:

My mother died of Oat Cell CA of the lung when I was finishing my internship after medical school. Prior to her DX, I was studying for my boards and getting ready to leave the next day to take those boards, when I went to my parents home for a quick visit before leaving the next day. As I was leaving to go home, my mother stopped me at the door and asked me what I thought ” what these things in my neck are?”. Being in quite a hurry to leave and not thinking to much about it, I palpated her neck and found several large non painful masses in her anterior cervical neck area. Again, not really thinking and wanting to leave, I told her they were large anterior lymph nodes and also large anterior cervical neck masses. My mother thanked me and I went home and the next day left to take my boards. I didn’t think any more about my mothers neck masses. After a few days I returned home and after getting off the plane, at about 6:30 am, and on my way home, I telephoned my father, who also is a physician and with whom I worked with at the time, to let him know I was home and safe. He told me not to go home, but to come by the office. I was very tired, but my father told me to come to the office NOW!! He wanted to show me something. I arrived at the office and found my father in the x-ray department looking at some chest x-rays. He asked me what I thought about the PA and Lat. chest x-ray on the view box. I looked and saw many lung masses in both lung fields and told him this was cancer until proven otherwise. He agreed and then told me these x-rays were of my mother. It was not until that time that I put two and two together, the neck masses I found in my mothers neck a few days prior and what I was seeing on the chest x-ray. My father went on to tell me that he had been living with this for a few weeks and didn’t want to tell me because I was studying for my boards. I felt so bad…terrible… that I had missed a diagnosis as bold as the one I found and felt terrible because I should have known this and should have done something!! I should have done something to help my mothers lung cancer!! It has taken many many years to be able to work through this trauma and the guilt I felt for not being able to help my mother and failure to make the DX. I have asked and prayed that my mother forgives me for my failures!! It continues to take even longer to forgive myself as a son and as a physician. I believe my mother completely understands and loves me. I wish I was able to contact my mother on a routine basis, but this has not happened.

Right now, I am going through a major crossroad in my life and need her love and guidance in what I need to do. May be Erik can talk to my mother and ask her to contact me while I’m asleep and during my meditation. I will continue to try and contact my mother and my guardian angels to help me during this major trauma and cross road in my life. I want to thank you and Erik for all the information you have shared. My mothers name is Margie/Marge and I believe she was 57 years of age or maybe in her early 60’s when she died.  She died in Dallas Texas at the hospital I was interning at.  My age is presently 60 and I live in Katy, Texas just outside of Houston, Texas. Love to both of you,


Doug’s Revised Questions

Dear Elisa:

Yesterday was a really tough day for me.  I didn’t feel well at all, so I went to bed and stayed there for the last 18 hours or so.  I’m feeling better this morning, which is now Saturday, August the 7th.  Are you back from Lake Travis? I believe you told me you were coming back Friday, but feeling so bad I might have ” Just Thought That”!!  But I’m better today.

Concerning my questions for you to ask Erik:

1. Confirmation of my guardian angel or angels and the names of my guardian angels

2. That I was speaking with them the other day

3. To have my guardian angels or angels and my mother please come to me in my dreams, meditation, and just any time, and to “Hit me in the Head” for confirmation that I really am speaking with my guardian angel or angels and my mother?

4. Also, I was told that a male figure on my fathers side is helping me with business matters, name unknown, but has the first letter of ” H” in the first name?? Who is this person?

I just want confirmation of my guardian angels and their names, and that we spoke the other day” through the Jeannie Barnes session, and who is this “male figure” on my fathers side of the family with the first letter ” H ” in the first name, and Solid confirmation,” Please Hit Me in the Head with a 2 x 4 that I am speaking with my guardian angels or angel and my mother! I didn’t know how to mention the Jeannie Barnes session I had on Thursday and the information I received then and possible confirmation of that information through Erik without getting anyone mad or upset that I had used Jeannie first to get some information.  Also tell Erik to visit anytime he wants and to ” Hit me in the Head” for confirmation of his being their!!  And of many, many thanks for his help! I want to thank you again for your very loving offer to stay at your house before surgery.  I’m still thinking it over.  But thank you very much for your love and support during this time.  I really can’t thank you enough.

Talk with you very soon, and as always, love to you, Erik, family, mom and dad,


Channeling Transcript

Me The next questions come from Doug, a 60 year old physician from Katy, Texas.. His mother is Marge or Margie. She died of Oat Cell Carcinoma in Dallas, Texas. His grandmother, Ruby Lee, died at the age of 84. He says he’s at a major crossroads in his life now and could really use a little direction from his mother and grandmother or whoever else can help him.

Jamie: This is so interesting, because when you first said his name, I smiled real big, and Erik just said, “Yeah, I know.”

Me: Yes, he’s a wonderful human being, very sweet and spiritually enlightened..

Erik: He’s just one of those guys that when you get around him, you know he’ll fight not only for your physical health and well-being, he’ll fight for your spiritual well-being too. He’ll fight for your ability to be emotionally calm and settled. And he’s not satisfied with just a quick answer. Doctor Doug not only wants the quick answers, but how do we stay healthy and safe in this belief. He needs to keep practicing, but also include the elements that are spiritual like meditative, homeopathic…

Me: He knows how to do hypnosis.

Erik: It would be amazing if her could help people with past life regression! That would be great! Because when a patient comes in, no matter what the illness is, whether is cancer or  a sprain or a heart attack or they keep bruising their finger, he can work with them on many dimensional levels.

Me: Yeah!

Jamie: He can figure out why that energy is stuck there, are they carrying it in from somewhere else, and how can he help physically in this life and help them shape their beliefs from all the other lives involved.

Me: Can you tell him the names of his guardian angels?

Erik: Gabriel and Areodny are two of them.

Me: Okay. He’s also been told that a male family figure is helping him with business matters and his name starts with the letter, H.

Erik: It starts with H-A-R like Harris or Harold.

Me: How is he related to Doug?

Erik: Dad’s, Dad’s Mom’s Dad.

Jamie: What is that?

Me (laughing): Hmm, I think I’ll let him figure that one out! Oh, and Erik, would you mind letting his guides know that they might have to talk through a bull horn or knock him in the head with a two by four for him to realize that they’re trying to get through.

Erik: Sure.

Me: Oh, and he says you’re welcome to come visit any time.

Erik: Will do, Mom.

Please note that Doug underwent hip surgery yesterday. I plan to pay him a visit tomorrow and hope you will all send him healing, loving thoughts. He is a truly wonderful and gentle member or the Channeling Erik family.

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