Poetry for the Bereaved

Today I have a treat for you. Blog member and poet extraordinaire, Danielle N., has worked hard to craft five pieces of literary art that helps us deal with grief and loss. For me, each one evoked unexpected and powerful emotions. Read them slowly, soak in the words and note the feelings that bubble to the surface. I will share the other pieces one by one over the next few weeks.

Cut the Cord

Cut the cord

who told you

you could

cut the cord

the silver cord

Cord of light and gold

cord of wrong and right

cord of illusion and sight

cord of black and white

cord of blood and  love

cord of bitter

cord of sweet

cord that pulsed

next to your mama’s heart

Cord your papa

fertilized. Cord your

sisters waved magic

wand fingers over?

Who told you

you could craft

a never ending song

of heart break and pain.

Cord, the whole of creation

labored to bear into being.

Who told you you could?

Ahh. In a blue print

written in the stars

it’s ok ma, I’m only dieing

Bob Dylan sang.

The Silver Cord

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