I'm so sorry the site was down pretty much all day yesterday! I explain below. In today's main video, I will give all of the details that you guys wanted to know about what I went through up above the tree line in the beautiful but often inhospitable tundra of Norway. But first, I want to share … Continue reading

Tapeworms and Fire Ants

(Bugle horn sounding). I need you guys. A publisher is considering the manuscript for the Channeling Erik book. If this happens, it gives it more of a chance of raising the eyebrows of a film maker. A well known documentary film maker has already stumbled across the blog and contacted me saying … Continue reading

Missing a Loved One?

Many of you have found your way to this oasis of hope by following a trail of tears. Many of you grieve. Many of you have suffered under the heavy burden of loss. You find camaraderie here. Understanding. Unity. Friendship. Compassion. But it doesn’t replace the son, daughter, lover, friend or … Continue reading

Do Pets Have Souls?

Iceland has been wonderful. We road Icelandic horses over the lava fields this morning and spent several hours at the famous Blue Lagoon this afternoon and evening. See, volcanoes CAN have their advantages. Tomorrow we make our way to Norway where, hopefully, the Internet is not as stubborn. Jamie … Continue reading

Dimes from Heaven

Today, Michelle and I went on errands together. In the both the driver's and passenger's door of her car, there's a place to hold a drink and other things, as is the case in most cars. Since we were going to the bank first, I put my two checks to be deposited, my VERY coveted index card with a … Continue reading