Wanna Learn How to See Auras and Spirits?

I received Jamie Butler’s newsletter a couple of hours ago and noticed she is offering a class in how to see auras and spirits. Cool, eh? I’ve copied and pasted it below. Frankly, I think it would be fun to save up some mulah and charter a cruise to the Bahamas or somewhere else relaxing, and have Kim, Jamie, Jeannie, Jason, Robert, (and Erik, of course) on board to host seminars, channeling sessions and readings. Blog member, Dr. Doug, is a gifted past life regressionist, so he could do some regressions, too! I know we have many members who are energy healers with experiences in Reiki, RET, and other arts, so they might be able to offer their services too. We could all pitch in for their fees and travel experiences. Anyway, we can dream, right. Let’s put it out in the universe so it’ll happen!

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Here is the information about the class:

Learn to See Auras and Spirits: Jan. 15th with Jamie

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be back teaching in the States:) and there has been so many requests to just teach about how to see auras and spirits so I say lets do it Jan. 15th (it’s a Saturday) from 10am -3pm (taking an hour lunch break). This will be a four-hour intensive class teaching you how to use your eyes to see subtle energy. I will be using exercises, magic eye illusions, the psychomanteum, and our spirit guides to help us see colour and shape of energy/spirits. The point of the class is to help you understand your own talents of “sight”, learn how you work best, help you learn to define what you are doing, to see colour and shape. The rest of the days that follow will be your homework to keep up your good work!

If you are interested let Weedie (most awesome assistant ever) know as soon as possible because this is gonna fill up. I plan on having a lot of fun with this and be able to work with you as a class and as an individual so the cap on the class is 15 (trying to keep it small). For lunch if you want to bring your own you can. There is a refridge and microwave at the center. You can also plan to eat at Mellowmushroom, Whole Foods, Thai and more.

Email Weedie to reserve class seats. The cost of the class is $50, you can pay at the start of class or on the web site here

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