Psychedelics and Hallucinations

Just a note: I don’t necessarily condone or encourage what Erik says here! I recently discovered that Erik suffered from auditory hallucinations, and this disturbed him greatly because he thought he was going insane. Now that I know what I do, I’m wondering if he was actually receiving channeled information. He didn’t say as much, but as Jamie constantly reminds him, he’s not omniscient!

How many people are medicated because of this? In fact, I’m certain the psych wards are littered with “patients” with both auditory and visual hallucinations like seeing and hearing deceased loved ones or guides. How tragic. Do you think they can find a looney bin big enough for all of us? Remember: Paranormal is the new normal.

Channeling Session:

Me: Psychedelics like D.M.T. and mushrooms—what effect do they have spiritually. So they just disconnect the soul from the body? I mean, what happens? Why do people get so out of body and have these spiritual experiences? Are they just hallucinations?

Erik: No! Hallucinations—that’s when—

Erik (laughing and rapping his head): Man, I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t I? Mom, you know as well as I do that hallucinations are a reality-based misconception. So, you’re looking at a tree, and the tree starts talking to you. Then it starts to bend and warp and melt. That’s hallucinations.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But these psychedelics are allowing the mind to let go of how they define their own life and how they define the capability of the tree. The tree doesn’t melt. The tree becomes more luminous, and you bond with the tree, and you become one with the tree, and you feel what the tree is going through. You make that connection. Now THAT’S a fucking spiritual journey.

Me: Okay, so—

Erik: People can do it in deep meditation, but c’mon! Everybody’s fucking drowning themselves in material shit and things to do and crap that they don’t have time for that. They gotta have that outlet. I think it should be mandatory that at age 21—

Jamie (laughing): You’re serious!

Me: Oh, boy. I’m bracing myself already.

Erik: Yeah! At age 21, every person has to go through psychedelic therapy, if not once, then twice, and have it spaced between three to five years apart.

Me: Hmm!

Erik: But they should have a trained therapist with them at all times to help you work through the spiritual enlightenment you get in the process. Think about the people that would come into this world after that!

Me: Oh, wow! Yeah.

Erik: It would affect our politics, our government—

Me: Exactly! But how does it work, specifically? Does it disconnect the soul from the mind?

Erik: Yes. 

One last note: Many of you may have noticed that my email and comment replies have gotten pretty short. I hope this doesn’t make any feel snubbed and unloved. It’s just that I get several hundred a day–not counting the ones promising to make my penis grow by two inches.

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