Erik’s Visit to L.P.

I want to thank everyone for the touching tributes to our boy, Erik. They plucked every single heartstring. Also, the questions you all have sent (and hopefully will continue to send) are all so intriguing, I can’t wait to ask them. They’re all in queue. Of course it might take time to get to each question as we work our way down the list with each channeling session, but all will be answered. I promise.
Jamie and Erik’s next phone conference will be held Thursday March 15 12:15 CST. There are only 10 slots so sign up soon. You can have Erik bring forth a loved one, ask questions about your life’s direction, ask general questions about death, the afterlife, and the human experience and everything in between. No question is off limits.
Now, enjoy this incredible story that blog member, L.P., sent me this morning. (Erik loves her initials, giving us the visual of him as a DJ doing the chop and screw bit on two turntables.
Good morning Elisa!
I need to share this with you; it’s about a dream I had last night. I know you are a very busy soul and I don’t expect a reply from you but I needed to share this with you.
Before I fell asleep last night, I attempted communicating with Erik. Myself being a spiritual person, it is my hope that one day I am able to communicate with deceased loved ones so that I am able to help those in grief. I asked Erik (I was not so sure how to ask) if he and my ‘angels’, ‘spirit guides’ could help provide me with the strength and knowledge of how to achieve being clairvoyant. Shortly after I fell asleep. The dream that I had was so real and vivid. I actually thought it was real!-I will try to shorten this……….My dream was, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. My husband was asleep and trying not to wake him, I went to the window in the room and looked out at the moon and the sky-it was beautiful; bright, and there was the most pleasant breeze coming through. I felt so relaxed..I began to talk to Erik, again as I had before I ‘really’ fell asleep. I felt Erik’s presence, though I could not see him. I felt someone touch my back and I still had the feeling that Erik was with me. I left the window and went back to bed.
At this time, my curtains, rod and all, came falling off the devices that hold them to the wall. I woke my husband up and he put the curtains and rod back up where they should be. I explained to him that I ‘think it might have been Erik’, I just was not sure why he would do something like this to get my attention, lol. Anyway, the curtains and rod fell again, but this time, I did not feel Erik’s presence; I felt a ‘negative’ presence. From that moment on, the dream consisted of our house being tormented by this negative presence. Doing many things to attempt to frighten us and it was working. We called in a team of ghost investigators to try to get rid of it but it did not help. I finally saw this negative presence who had been wreaking havoc in our house. I was in the bathroom and he appeared to me. He was an older gentleman; tall, dark hair, mustache ,slim and wearing what looked like an older uniform attire from like an Italian military. This gentleman began to show me his life and what lead up to his death. He was ‘stuck’ and was looking for a way to get to the other side and wanted me to help him. I didn’t know how and because of this, he became very angry and made our lives in the house a real living hell.
Fed up, I finally confronted him and in the most unusual, deep voice, I yelled at him, “tell me exactly what you want so you can leave now!” and on the word ‘now’, I woke up and actually did loudly speak the word ‘now’ in a deep voice, much like the dream………it took me a while to get back to sleep after that but when I did I was able to return to that dream, but things were different. There was alot of peace within the house and we just went about our lives; it was nice.
I feel I did receive a message from this dream, from Erik and my guides, and that is to ‘confront fear’ and to ‘have no fear’……..I wanted to share this with you and I am glad that I could.   : )    
Have a great day Elisa and many blessings to you and for all that you do~~LP
One more thing: As Erik predicted, the Shift is unfolding with solar flares augmenting with more frequency. There’s one that will come to Earth today, so hang on to your electronics and do what you can to protect them. Love you all.
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