Rut Busting

Kate and Erik outdid themselves on this one. Happy Labor Day everyone. Remember, no working allowed!

Erik chimed in with today’s topic singing “Money, money, money!”  I enjoy his little falsetto “MONEY!” at the end of the refrain.

Erik says, (shows me the picture of a butt so tight a little high-pitched fart comes out of it.)  Translation:  Now Kate, are you gonna be a tight-ass about this, or can I talk straight?

Erik’s planning on referencing a lot of my own life, and I tell him it’s cool.

Money is an awesome way to check the energy in your life.  Remember this cool thing Biggie had about grey money energy and green money energy?  I like that (way of explaining things) so I’m gonna bounce off that, I’m sure the dude won’t mind.

Okay, Erik shows me the previous entries he’s going to reference; I’m going to link them all here in case anyone would like to refer to them:

Economy of Awesomeness

Erik is again referencing this paragraph from this blog post:

Biggie Fiscal Romance

You need to understand the flow of your [revenue] stream, (it has an aura, what energy is your money?) You take care of your paper, like taking care of a plant.  You look at it, you talk to it, you water it, you feed it once in a while, you change the pot so it’s got room to grow, most of all you love that plant.  Nothing will grow your revenue stream like loving it, (shows me this high-pitched light from the heart connection charging the revenue stream, altering it.  This is how you manifest, this is how you connect to the power of creation, through the heart – that is how we are all connected to each other.)

Erik says, Okay, you back to school yet?  (It’s been a while since we’ve talked money, he’s referencing the “summer vacation stupids” when you forget everything you learned in the previous year.)

So CHECK YOUR STREAM!  What colour is it?  Does it stink or smell like flowers?  If it stinks and you want it to change but you can’t fuckin’ figure out how, you need some RUT-BUSTING!    

Here’s the thing:  if you are stuck in a bad money situation, sometimes you just gotta let it all fall to shit before you can build a better situation for yourself.  (Shows me a pot grower who’s getting uncomfortable with his gang contacts, and his only way out is to come clean with the cops and do a bit of jail time.)

Sometimes it’s better to just face the flying shit, just to get it over with.  At least then you can clean yourself off and start growing something better.

Letting it fall to shit might mean moving from a house to a rental unit, or moving from a rental to a roommate situation for a while.  It might look like things are getting WORSE for a while because that’s what it feels like for a second when you stop hiding from the flying shit and just face it.  BUT!  (Shows me the butt, you getting a little butt-obsessed dude?)  Once you nut up and face it, you can at least start taking steps out of the spray. 

Money is AWESOME, I fucking LOVE money.  It’s the best – (shows me a thermometer, I think he means barometer) of the energy flowing through your life.  Shows me the triangle from Facebook:


Okay, when I saw this on Facebook it was a bit different, and the word “Wifi” was drawn in under the “basic need for survival” which was funny.  But this is the basic thing Erik’s referring to, and money impacts your freedom to focus on these aspects of life.

Erik says, If you’re too poor to have a pot to piss in, that is some deep shit for sure.  Some people are fuckin’ STUCK in that shit, (which is the point of the topic today). 

So first thing is, you do what you gotta do to get that energy moving.  It might mean letting go of a lot of the shit you’re trying so hard to hang on to.  (Shows me a transition house for women who need shelter, accepting clothing donations, sitting in a welfare office waiting for social assistance, food stamps.) 

THERE IS NO SHAME IN THIS.  There is shame in letting people starve, or forcing people to live forever in shitty situations because they have no way out.  These programs can be a WAY OUT.  That is what they are FOR.  Here’s the thing sweet-cheeks, (butt again) if you’re the kind of person who is agonizing about *not* wanting to use social assistance, you are *exactly* who the system is supposed to help.  If you are uncomfortable with it, you are naturally gonna bounce right back off that dole as soon as you can.

The fucked up thing is, sometimes you don’t even realize how shitty a situation is – a relationship, a job, a town – until you’ve gotten the fuck outta there.  The human mind has this (amazing, mind-blowing) capacity to LIVE THROUGH fucked up shit.  You do that by shutting the full impact of all that shit away from your soul.  You do that enough, you can start to feel like a zombie walking around in your life.

A good way to break outta that if you’re a status-quo zombie (shows me lurch of zombies whispering “money” instead of “braaaaains”) is to check your money stream.

Where is it comin’ from?  Does the source of your money make you happy, is it shiny?  Is it shitty?  That is an easy question to ask.  The BIG THING is, what are you gonna do ABOUT IT?

So that brings me ‘round to my point.  Yes, Kate, I always have a fucking point! 

Here is what you DON’T want, and what some of you folks still have:  a situation where your money source is not making you happy, it’s wearing you down, but you’re hanging on to it because you’re trying not to lose the house or the business or to pay debts.  You’re trying so hard to keep things like they are, because – and here’s the kicker – YOU THINK YOUR CURRENT SITUATION HAS TO GET BETTER BEFORE YOU CAN GET HAPPY.

That’s not true, yo.  You do not need to be able to afford wifi before you can feel happier.  That is utter bullshit!  Sometimes, the day you let things completely fall to shit is the day that weight gets lifted off your chest.  Sure you’ve got a hell of a mess to live with, but it’s MOVING, and that will get all the energy around your money flow shuffled up.  It’s like shaking the dust off, cleaning the filter.

I fucking love your advice Kate –

He’s referring to the few times I’ve advised clients to move, even if it’s just moving to a new neighbourhood in the same city.  Physically changing residences is a fantastic way to get all the energy in your life moving again, and it’s a great way to break worn-in patterns.  I’ve done this myself, so I’ll use that example:

Years ago, I was living in a city I didn’t enjoy (Toronto) working a job I no longer liked (accounting) and living in an apartment I’d ended up in after my former roommate went off his meds and decided I was evil.  I literally had 12 hours to find a new home for me and my pets, so I ended up in a not-so hot neighbourhood.  The building was infested with roaches and mice, it was next door to a night club, people were turning tricks behind the dumpsters which was outside of my bedroom window, dealers were holding out on their customers which resulted in 3am screaming matches, homeless people were freezing to death in the park twenty feet from my front door and twice I heard gunfire.   (For those of you familiar with Toronto, I lived at Sherbourne and Carlton.  Not as bad as it gets, but it’s definitely sketch-town.)

Here’s the thing:  I lived there for two and a half years.  I stayed because I kept waiting for my financial situation to get better, and when I was immersed in the situation, I couldn’t see it completely.  I knew I was in a rut and I didn’t know how to get out of it.

One day my neighbor on the floor below me said she had bedbugs.  That was the final straw for me.  (I don’t know why the final straw was bedbugs and not gunfire, it’s funny how the mind works.)  I got the hell out of there!  My new apartment was farther from my job, but I was able to have a better standard of living.  I *loved* that apartment more than any place I’d lived in during my ten years in Toronto… and I only lived there nine months.  Within a year, my partner and I left the city behind in a huge rut-busting move.

(I deleted this part about pets, but Erik wants me to put it back in.)  Moving is a great way to re-set your pets habits too.  If your pets have some behavioral issues before you move, start working on them again right after a move – you’ll find they can change a lot easier when they’re in a new environment.  My little dog’s house-breaking issues resolved quickly after a move.

Obviously moving isn’t the only thing you need to do to change the money energy in your life, but moving can give you a boost.  Moving is often about letting go of what you have.  It makes room for something new to come into your life.

Erik says, SELL your SHIT.  Your stuff can hold on to your old habits too, reinforce your old brain habits and brain loops without you even realizing it.  SELL YOUR SHIT, even if you can’t move.  If you sell your shit and then use that money to replace it with new shit – even if it’s second-hand stuff, it’s still new to you.  It reminds your brain that the past is the past, and RIGHT NOW is new.  It keeps you moving forward in your timeline when you surround yourself with physical reminders that TIME MARCHES ON.

It helps with depression too.  Clean your house, sell off your shit. Give it away if you have to!  Even if you’re replacing that velvet floral granny sofa with another funky salvation army special, it’s still NEW TO YOU.  The energy you put into it COUNTS:  you picked that thing because you LIKE IT more than some other options.  You keep doing that over and over, making changes, consciously making choices and eventually the momentum of change is going to build up enough for you to notice that it’s working. 

It’s like pulling a train from a standstill – might not look like it’s moving for a while, but you just have to keep building up the energy.  Moving to a new home and selling all your shit is a fast way to give that train a gigantic PUSH.

(Shows me a baby being born – PUSH!)

See, I go into all of this because it’s one thing to recognize when your money energy is grey.  But YOU are the only one that can transform that energy in your own life.  I am SERIOUS – NO ONE can fix that for you!  And guess what cookie, it’s no one else’s fault either.   If you’re playing the victim violin, you are reinforcing your problem, not changing ANYTHING.  So here I am with some suggestions on things you can do to start shifting that shit in your life. 

(Shows me brass balls, like a brass-cast scrotum.)  I’m a visual person so Erik gives me the literal visual translation of his communication at times.  This translation is:  Be brave, DO IT.

Okay, so what about some situations that you just have to get through?  A friend of mine had a rough few years going through a divorce.  He had to fight for custody of his children, and the results did not feel fair.  There are some situations where you can’t just up and move, or let it fall to shit, right?  Because this guy had to do everything he could to try to get custody of his children.

Erik says, MMMM.  Yeah.  It’s different, really, because this situation is more complicated than just stuck in a rut.  This family had a lot of its own past life, karma and such, to play out.  This is not a rut, it’s more of a crisis.  That’s less of a money thing and more of a spiritual contract topic. 

 We’re talking about rut-busting!  The best fucking thing about money is that it DOES NOT LIE.  If you honestly look at your money stream you instantly KNOW what energy that shit has.  Even the pot dealer knows where the bikers get their money.  He knows that shit ain’t green. 

There are happy millionaires who honestly built up empires doing what they love.  Not all money is dirty.  That’s what we’re talking about – getting a CLEAN STREAM going in your life.  It’s like an ecosystem – clean money streams are SUSTAINABLE, they can cycle around the society and support growth.  That’s what we’re talking about.

And all this shit, grey money siphoned off the system by greedy (jerks) who don’t care who they hurt?  How do you think you can change that?  

Well you can’t change shit before you set YOURSELF free.  When you’ve got that settled, THEN you are about helping others, and you won’t be able to STOP yourself from helping other people because it gives you (feeling of great joy) the best fuckin’ HIGH you can get. 

(I hear the song “Free your mind!”)

Check your stream.  LOVE YOU!  *flush!*

Thank you Erik.


Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please visit her professional website: and her personal blog:


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