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The CE event in NYC was a resounding hit. If you attended, please share your thoughts. Next city, Chicago, then after that, Oahu!

Reading your stories of praise really warms a mother’s heart. All I ever wanted for any of my five children is that they grow to become fulfilled, happy and productive adults. These stories prove that my desires for Erik have come to fruition! Keep these stories coming!

Praise #1

I stumbled across Erik’s book the other day on Audible, just checking out what was new. I was drawn towards it because I think I was supposed to read it. It has changed my life, in such a profound and beautiful way, I don’t even have the words for it. Thank you to everyone that made the book possible, and to everyone that makes Channeling Erik possible! My most heartfelt thanks.

And thank you Erik for helping me when I asked for it…and for knowing the perfect way I needed to hear it.

Loving kindness,


Praise #2

I just happened to find Channeling Erik on YouTube while searching NDE’s. The videos are touching, moving, interesting, educational and thought provoking to say the least. I purchased both books on Audible and listen to them regularly on the way to work (instead of listening to depressing news and irritating music channels). I enjoy following this continuing story on the YouTube channel and look forward to many more interesting subjects and books.

Praise #3

This is not really a testimonial, it’s what convinced me of Jamie and Erik’s abilities. This is a copy of the email I sent to Alison Allan, after a fantastic reading yesterday.

When I watched the channelling Jesus interview on youtube, Jamie said, there is somebody here, I don’t know who he is, he’s just turned up. She then started to describe him and kept saying the word, crisp, she was confused with that word. I immediately knew who it was, I started saying, (to the youtube video), Quentin Crisp. I think at the end of the video she got his name. That convinced me more than anything else she has ever said, neither she or Elisa had the faintest idea who Quentin Crisp was, but I did. Of all the bizarre people to come through on that interview, he was the one who convinced me of Erik and Jamie’s abilities. No American would know anything about Quentin Crisp, only a few in New York. I was convinced about Erik from that day on. You can even hear his voice on that video.
I’d like to thank Quentin for that.

Alison said I should send it to you. Erik also came through in yesterday’s reading with Alison, what he told me gave me some hope for the difficult situation that I’m in. Thank you to Erik and yourself, I loved the 2 books and get (2) emails each day, compulsory reading each morning.

Thank you

Ann (Australia)

Praise #4 (Short but sweet)

Thank you Elisa and Erik for creating You’ve answered so many questions that I’ve always pondered.

You guys are life changers.

Thanks again, with all my heart.


Praise #5

I’ve been fascinated by death and the possibility of an afterlife since I was a child and always felt like I was different in my instincts about all of this. Others didn’t seem to feel the same way and I kept searching for information that “felt” right to me. My daughter introduced me to your blog and from there, I started finding these wonderful answers to explain what I’d always naturally understood, but could never articulate. And then I read Erik’s book and I was literally transformed, smiling and nodding in agreement as I literally devoured page after page! Erik knows exactly how to capture the incredible and heart wrenching experiences that he went through and never loses himself in the process. He is such a wonderful teacher, covering so many details of those questions I’ve been asking for so long, and you feel as if you are traveling along with him throughout it all. I am just so thankful to him for providing a sense of hope and encouragement for all of us still living in this often harsh world. When I finished the book, I felt so complete and thanked Erik for everything he had done…for the first time, I smelled this really horrible, nasty odor as I got up off the bed and laughed! I think he was letting me know he had heard!

Have a wonderful Sunday, peeps!

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