States of Consciousness and Reality

I’ve still been using my eBoard every week, and I’m as addicted as I’ve ever been. Saturday, I asked for messages from our cats who are still living. The first was from Ringo, a beautiful black cat with huge golden eyes. Among the cats, he’s the guy of the house, but he’s a real scaredy cat. Any hint of an approaching storm, heck, any hint of a drizzle, and he dives under the couch, staying there until the sun comes out. Ringo belongs to my son, Lukas, heart, soul and body and worships the ground he walks on. His message: “I’m Daddy’s boy.”


Our cat, Bluebell, is a Russian Blue, all gray with beautiful green eyes. She’s the matriarch, the first cat we’ve ever had, but that staked claim dissolved when my daughter, Michelle, and her family moved in with their three cats. Since then, the pecking order has changed, and she’s been harassed and threatened mercilessly every day. Now, we’ve had to isolate Bluebell for her own safety. Her message: “This is my home.” I asked how we can help her, and she replied, “Teach me 2 share.” Tall order. 


Now, last but not least, I asked for a message from my tiny little Yorkie, Bella. She’s the love of my life, weighing three pounds soaking wet. She is a complete Mommy’s girl. I can’t go anywhere without her being by my side or in my lap. (She has to compete with my laptop, though.) He message: “Mommies kisses yummy.” (She needs spelling lessons.) It made me choke up. 


That day, we also asked for messages from our main angels. Next time, I think I’ll try to channel our true (higher) selves. 

If you want to get an eBoard, here’s the SITE. Be sure you have two people that don’t have super strong egos or fear, otherwise it’s too hard for the spirits to move the planchette. 

I know we’ve covered today’s topic in the past, but Erik has additional information to share. 

Me: Hi, Erik.

Erik: Wassup!

Me: What’s he wearing today?

Jamie: He’s got his AC/DC shirt on, and I almost mentioned it earlier when he was tapping on his chest, I noticed the lightening bolt.

Me: He loved that one.

Jamie: It’s just a t-shirt, no collar to it, short sleeves, and he doesn’t have a baseball cap on.

Me: You should hide that unruly hair with a cap, babe.

Erik: I’m not being filmed!

Me: That’s true. Now let’s talk about the difference between coma, dream and general anesthesia. Those are all different states of consciousness, right?

Erik: Da ding, ding. Yes.

Jamie: He’s acting like he has this set of chimes or bells or something.

Me: So, tell me about the differences.

Erik: So, we’re going to take three, which is dream state, coma and [general] anesthesia.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So dream state is—

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): Slow down.

Erik: Dream state is done naturally, coma is due to injury or the need of massive repair and anesthesia is done chemically. Although you enter into these states of mind or consciousness in different ways, they’re all getting you to the same level. It’s getting you away from the physical body, away from what you define as reality.

Jamie: I’m sorry. He quotes, reality. (She makes air quotes.)

Erik: And allowing the person who’s having that experience to tap into their own subconscious, cross dimensions to, some would say, the afterlife or heaven or have that communication to that realm or location. And you now what, Mom? You failed to mention another one that I think ranks highly.

Jamie (to Erik): Aww, don’t talk about that!

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: He’s talking about hallucinogens.

Not again!

Erik: So, drugs where you’re still awake in your body, but they’re definitely removing you from what you define as your reality. (Throwing his arms up in the air) I always promote the safe use of drugs—

Jamie (to Erik): How do you do that?

Erik: It needs to be with someone who knows the psyche. A therapist. A psychiatrist.

It’s so weird. I read an article about this very same thing in the latest edition of Scientific American! Good job, Erik!

Erik: That would be the sweet spot for a human who obviously doesn’t want to go into a coma or that really doesn’t recall their dreams or have those lucid dreams, but they’re able to be with someone who can really take care of the physical body while they have this journey and then bring that experience into the conscious state and just watch how it would change their entire belief system. Just phenomenal. So there’s really no difference in how you enter that state. Then, when you’re in that state, like I mentioned before, it’s kind of like pulling in one realm that’s above you and pulling it down to you, then letting the two merge and seeing what kind of experiment you’ve created from it.

Me: What do you mean, “the kind of experiment you’ve created from it”?

Erik: That’s like within your recipe, Mom. If it calls for one cup of milk, but you put one and a half in it, you’re fucking with your recipe. So each time you’re going into these states of mind or dream, you’re not always using the same kind of measuring. You gotta add something different, do something different. You know, it’s like—

Jamie (to Erik): Whoa! Rowdy!

Erik: It’s like fucking science, man!

Jamie (giggling): He got really rowdy about it.


Jamie: So, hey, he’s ranting.

Erik: Science is always trying to take an equation and duplicate it, and duplicate it, but you can’t. What you did five minutes ago, you can’t do now!

I wonder if this has to do with quantum probabilities.

Erik: Five minutes ago, it was different. You knew less. You fucking know more in five minutes, because you already did it once. So, you’re not going to be true to the experiment. So, whenever you’re going into these other planes, dimensions, states of mind or consciousness, it’s an experiment. It’s going to be new every fucking single time, because you’re not coming in with the same doses of whatever you did before. You’re a different person. You’re needing something different. I think that’s really—

Jamie (giggling nervously): The F words are really starting to come out.

Me: Uh oh. And you were so nice! You were like a choirboy before this in the last two parts. What the heck?

Erik: Ah, I get ticked off when people wanna talk about this shit we’re talking about, and they want it to be the same each time we talk about it. They want it to be a process. They want it to be an equation that they can get their hands on and just duplicate, duplicate, duplicate and that that’s going to make it real. Fuck that shit. What’s real is the experience that you’re having, not if you can fucking duplicate it! Trash that shit!

Me: You’re right! He is on a rant!

Jamie: Uh huh. Yeah, he’s peeved.

Thank god spirits can’t hold onto negative emotions for long. Erik uses them just to back up his intent.

Erik: I want people to…

Jamie: He’s pausing.

Erik: I want people to experience their life as is and stop thinking about what it should be or comparing it to someone else’s experience. There’s a fucking judgment eye that you carry around. It’s screwing with you, man! It’s robbing you. It’s totally robbing you, violating your true experience of life, because—

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): Take a breath, Erik!

Hmm. How can he take a breath?

Erik: Because you’re going to fucking believe that what somebody else is saying is what you should be doing.


Erik: I’m astounded. Astounded.

I chuckle. Did we get waaaay off topic here?

Erik: We’re all unique. We’re all doing this. There’s not just an equation that I can hand to you, but I’ll constantly tell you what I know, and I wish it would be more specific, but we’re all individuals. But I will say that I will consistently tell you that your experience is real to you. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m on a tangent cuz I ran into a dead end there.

Ya think?

Me: Circling around the cul-du-sac.

Jamie (giggling): He’s laughing about that.

Me: When we dream, can we travel to other probably realities, past and future lives, and can we meet our other selves?

Erik: Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Me: Okay. I gotta have more than that.

Jamie chuckles.

Erik: It’s really cool. You know, we already talked about being able to travel in dream state, across dimensions, being able to let go of the reality that we feel is “accurate,” right? So, it kind of rips the curtains open on the Wizard of Oz to see what’s really there—that time is stacked and you’re having all of these experiences at once. You might not know it, but when you’re doing that kind of inter-dimensional travel in dream state or coma, or, you know, any other kind of way you get into an altered state of mind, even meditation—meditation you do without the drugs, true mental discipline, but it can get you into the same state of mind no matter how you rise. Many people don’t know that they actually hand pick or choose their experiences. They think they’re just managing or handling it, but actually, just because you’re not asking for it, verbally: “Here’s my card. I’d like to check out this book and read this story”, but you go into that subconscious and you’re traveling out of body or you’re going cross-dimensionally into other lives. It’s connecting to your emotional soul, and your emotional soul is saying, “We need this. We need to be a part of this so we understand who we are more in what we consider the Now. That, in and of itself, is like a verbal agreement. It’s like, “Hey, here’s my card; here’s the book; gimme the book.” It’s funny how we pretend or… We want to believe that our mind is the smartest thing we have.

Jamie (laughing): He just started laughing. Maniacal laugh!

Me: Muah, hah, hah! Like that?

Jamie: Yeah. (To Erik) You’re cracking me up.

Erik: But it’s not the smartest thing we have. It’s not the most intelligent thing that we possess. Our emotions are the most intelligent thing that we possess. They’re the most authentic. They don’t get sheltered; they don’t get translated.

Me: That’s true!

Erik: They’re just raw and out there.

Me: Raw emotions. So we can actually meet our other selves in different lives, huh? Are we conscious of it? Can we be conscious of that, like, ‘Hey, me in the 1600s, how’re they hanging?’

Erik: Well, we can with help, maybe with hypnosis, past life regression, but even that is using altered states of mind to reach that location.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: But at least it’s recorded, and we can bring that information back into today’s life. So, it involves consciousness so we can, and I think there’s a lot to learn from it.

Jamie (laughing): He gets really close to me and goes, “Brian Weiss, man, you’re onto something!

Me: Have you ever met your other selves, Erik?

Erik: Oh, yeah!

(Long pause)

Jamie (To Erik): Aannd? What did you think?

(Long pause again)

Erik: I’ve had some  lives where I’m pretty good-looking!

Me: You’re good-looking now!

Erik: Overall, taking the joke out of it, being able to communicate with all of the lives that you’re processing is really fucking humbling. It’s really eye-opening, and you see what you put yourself through to get yourself to where you are now. I’m really grateful for that kind of experience. Without it, I think each sliver of a soul that possesses a body would just be untethered from the whole.

Me: That makes sense.

Erik: Mom, you’ll really dig that shit when you get here, looking at what your true essence is in all the lives that you chose to play out. Cool shit.

Me: It sounds mind-blowing.

Erik laughs.

Erik: I guess. There’s the whole thing of thinking that the information we’re going to learn is here.

Jamie: He’s doing this. (She makes circular motions with the palms of her hands around her head.) (Laughing) There’s not a word for it, so he’s just going to do this. (She makes the same movements again.)

Me: Run your fingers through that unruly hair while you’re there. It’s never seen a comb!

Jamie (smiling): Yeah, I don’t think he can get his fingers through it!

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