Congratulations for Justin M. for being the first one to verify that Erik was raised in Hedwig Village, an incorporated town one square mile in area in the west side of Houston with it’s own fire and police department and city hall. Except for the fact that the police here are traffic Nazis, I love the security they provide. I remember when Lukas was around ten months old, he was playing with the phone for just a few minutes when Rune made the comment: “Better watch out. He might call 9-1-1.” I replied, “Come on, what are the chances that he’d push 9, then 1 then 1 in sequence?” Still I took the phone away from him because I felt like the massive amounts of drool my short circuit the phone and make his hair even curlier. No sooner did I place the phone on the table when, “Ding dong,” the police arrived. I told him that our baby must have dialed 9-1-1 (probably to say, “Help! Save me from these nut jobs for parents!” Still, they were very cautious and searched the entire home to make sure we weren’t hostages of some robber or something. Wow, I digressed from Justin to robbers. How did that happen!

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Here’s a sweet testimonial for Erik. If you love Erik and have benefitted by his sweetness or naughtiness, please click on “Share You Praise” on the righthand sidebar of the homepage and write him a little love letter. I’m sure he’ll blush, then prank you!

I wanted to thank you guys, Elisa, Erik and everyone involved, for helping so many of us. I have some nice histories I could tell, about my experiences since I first started watching your videos on youtube. But I like this specific one very much… Yesterday I was feeling really sad, and started thinking about Erik, and asked him for some kind of help. I remembered one story you shared on the blog Elisa, of the time you asked him to give you a sign and a song came on the radio. A song called “Already Gone”. Then I thought “Erik I’m gonna turn on the radio, can you please make them play a song with some kind of message for me?” So a song called “Invincible” with some beautiful lyrics was playing. I couldn’t remeber where I heard that song before, so I don’t know why, I typed the name of the artist on Youtube “Kelly Clarkson”. Man, I was really surprised… I didn’t remember she was the singer for “Already gone” but the video of that song was right there on her playlist. I felt so thankful, I felt like I wasn’t alone. Thank you guys so much, thanks Erik, for being with me during the hard times.

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