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First of all, I want to thank everyone for their warm wishes and flattering comments for my daughter, Kristina and her new husband, Houston Braly. They’re on a short honeymoon in Paris and the French Riviera where the weather is now gorgeous probably having the time of their lives.

Second, I sent all of your tributes to Jamie on Mother’s Day and she was beyond touched. What a beautiful gift you all have given her–well-deserved and incredibly poignant. I’m sure it tugged on some heartstrings. So, again, thank you so much.

Third, Betty Daniel, along with Erik, has published Part Two of their novel, Second Chances. If you’d like a free copy, you can email her at Be sure you don’t put an “s” after daniel. That was a common mistake when she offered Part One. Also, make certain you specify whether you want Part One, Part Two or both. Thanks, Betty and Erik!

Okay, finally to the main event today: Blog member, Michael M. sent me the most exciting link yesterday: proof that things are shifting in the right direction!

Last, I feel compelled to share a bit more on what you all have written about what Erik means to you. I guess I’m missing him. It was hard not having him in the physical to see his big sister walk down the aisle and to share Mother’s Day with me. 🙁

This is for you, Sweetie:

Erik has given me Faith… does that even make sense? Erik has shown me Love.  Because of (you and) Erik I now can face death (others and eventually mine) with new acceptance.

Thank you!


Love, Sachi



Thank you for sharing your most personal, precious and often heartbreaking experiences with everyone in order for us all to learn and grow from them. 

I am mom to three teenagers and my youngest son’s name is Erik too!  I love and appreciate Erik’s young, fresh, honest perspective and his patience, willingness and availability to answer our questions about the aferlife as well as questions about our loved ones and the lives we are living now.  Erik is so joyful and the information he relates makes sense, it has the ring of truth, being consistent with other related material I’ve read.

I think I saw Erik one night as I was coming out of a nap in my chair with the TV on.  I only saw his torso down.  He had his hands in his jean pockets and was wearing a red and blue checkered shirt.  just had the thought that it was him.

I told my daughter about him and warned her that he may prank her sometime, just to give her a “heads-up”!

The work you, Erik and Jamie are doing is truly wonderful, bringing enlightenment, hope and peace to so many.

Thanks so much for everything!  I don’t mind if you use my name.



You and Erik helped me with an issue that was eating me inside, terrible and embarrasing as it was… and didn`t judge me. For that I`ll always thank you both.



I’m so glad you asked this question. Erik has actually been there for me when I needed him. When I lost my soulmate – accidental suicide OD- I was devastated. I stumbled upon this site and have never left since. That was 20 months ago. I prayed that Erik would somehow let me know this was an accident, my love was safe. I grew up with so many misconceptions about suicide and how you never make it to a peaceful afterlife. You wouldn’t believe the messages and signs I received. I talked to a physic- she said my love was with another man, someone helping him and not to worry. Everything was explained and made sense. I met Erik in a dream, sweet, concerned look on his face for me and very busy. He was moving and had a mess on his hands. I begged Erik to help my love manifest in a dream. At last, I had my last goodbye- a wonderful kiss – so real from my love. At last, closure thanks to your wonderful, heavy-hearted boy. Thank you Erik. I love you my Raymond forever.


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