Erik’s Magic Trick

I have a lot of very cool things to share with you today. First and foremost, ROBERT HAS BEEN UNLEASHED ON THE UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC!!!! YAY!! He's here with me at home, no doubt being driven crazy by the happy chaos. My sister and brother-in-law are coming to help us celebrate! As if this wasn't … Continue reading

Haunting the Fam

Robert is coming along fine. He's getting up to walk, taking clear liquids by mouth, and getting his sense of humor back as you can see! (He was having hot flashes so I filled up those blue gloves with ice.) On another note, I noticed a lot of you have been very reticent about contacting me by … Continue reading

Sex, TV and Who’s on Top

Before we begin, I'd like to update everyone on the state of grief in the family. Erik's siblings are finally allowing themselves to feel anger and sorrow. For the last year, most of them have taken comfort in the attitude, "He's in a better place and no longer suffering. I'm happy for him," but … Continue reading