Best of Erik: Soul Connections

As you know, I'm publishing "Best of Erik" posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I'll have enough material to last until my sessions with Jamie are not devoted to the book. In November (or maybe even September or October,) I plan to start the celebrity interviews, the regular questions, the … Continue reading

Our Soul Group

Update on Doug: He got out of surgery pretty late so I wasn't able to visit him yesterday. I know the surgery went well, but he says he's in a lot of pain, which is to be expected. I'll give y'all another update soon. Meanwhile, keep the Reiki coming if you can! For those of you signed up for the … Continue reading

Soul Mates

Hope you all are having a beautiful day today! I do have some news on the meeting in Atlanta. Jamie and Weedie would like some feedback on the following activities/classes: Friday night 6-9: Seeing auras and energy Saturday 10-12:30: Dowsing/pendulums; ways to communicate to … Continue reading