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Hello wonderful CE folks;

Thank you to everyone who’s been sending thoughts and prayers to me and my family.  We’re hanging in there!  There are a couple of ways to look at this: to be angry / sad / upset / grieving all the time, or to be grateful for the time we have / have left.  Of course there’s a little from column A, a little from column B, but most of the time we try and focus on gratitude and the things we *can* do, rather than dwelling upon the things that are beyond our control.  So that’s the Kate’s Mom Update.

So Erik, what are we talking about?

Erik refers back to this blog post: posted seven months ago.  I take a few minutes to read it.

Erik says,  I’m gonna tell you the secret of life.  Are you ready?  Here it is:  Good shit always  comes out of really bad shit.  That’s why bad shit happens. 

That’s the whole secret of life on earth, babe.  Bad shit happens.  It’s the garden growing from the manure pile of bad shit.  Bad shit can really be good shit, because it *has to* be there for these amazing things to grow out of it.

The thing about grief is really this separation from the outcome.  You know grief is only relevant in time?  (Shows me a line, representing existence within a time-continuum.)  That’s why dead people don’t do a lot of grieving… generally. 

(Erik goes on a tangent…)

People who are stuck or haunting, a lot of that is fear and grief – but that’s a lot rarer than the ghost hunting shows would have you think.  A lot of “hauntings” are just energetic imprints, like ungrounded energy flying around fucking shit up.  It’s actually pretty rare for an actual individual consciousness to refuse to acknowledge all the other higher-vibration beings and planes of existence and just tunnel-vision themselves into haunting a house for a hundred years.  Plus, those individuals all have relatives and angels of their own actively working on helping them move on. 

Grief is this state of being that’s confined / restricted by your incarnated consciousness.  You grieve because of this very temporary (from a universal point of view) separation.  Ever look back and think, “wow, time flies?”  That’s one of the things most people do when they die.  Grief can make time seem to stretch out forever.  Death can compress your whole life into a flash. 

(Erik clears his throat and assumes his “guidance counselor” persona with a tweed jacket, a beard and a balding head, round wire-framed glasses.)  Erik shakes his finger and says, Kids, don’t kill yourself.  I gotta say it, because do you know how much fucking trouble I’d be in if someone actually died because of something we said on here?  Do you know how terrible that would make me feel???  And Kate and Jamie and my Mom???    This shit that I’m saying about grief and emotional pain, how it’s temporary, and how that all goes away in death – this is a serious responsibility here, and this is a HUGE TRUST that I’m putting in YOU (readers!) that you’re not going to take this knowledge and turn around and cut your own life short.  I’m telling y’all this because I’m treating you like a grown-up.  I am not giving you any cheat codes to your life because THERE AREN’T ANY.

Free will kids, that’s the wild card here.  It’s a wonder more angels don’t have mental breakdowns.  (Shows me a lioness who says, “I’m taking a break.”  Meaning this consciousness within this animal is hanging out as a lion for a few life cycles to re-ground and re-align her own energy fields before taking on more advancement work like being a guide/angel, incarnating etc.)

Pain isn’t something you can go around, it’s something you go through.  There’s no such thing as escaping pain, because that state of being is there for a reason – and it’s because the good shit that happens after the bad shit can’t happen without processing the pain.

You know that horribly sexist shit about Eve and how women experience pain in childbirth because of the sins committed in Eden?  Well if that hadn’t been channeled through a hundred sexist pen-holders (ha!  He gives me the image of masturbation with “pen-holders” because a lot of those guys are supposed to be celibate / above carnal desires, yet they weren’t.)  the message would be a lot closer to universal truth: that childbirth is a great example of our entire life cycle in a few hours.  You can look at birth as a way of experiencing your whole life: it can be painful, there are a lot of things you and others can do to make it worse, and a lot of things you and others can do to make it better.  There are even ways to have a really great time while giving birth.  You can’t really tell someone what to expect, you can’t give them the cheat codes to a birth, because it doesn’t work the same for any two people.  You hope for a miracle, and you worry about the worst. 

The thing about these experiences is they HAVE TO change you.  You can’t avoid being affected.  That’s why they happen.  That’s why we all need lotsa love to get through it!

(Erik gives me a shot of the above photo, but with his feet in stirrups.  You just can’t un-see that!)

Thank you Erik.


Kate Sitka is an animal communicator and psychic medium located in Tofino BC.  To learn more about her and her work, check out her website, her personal blog


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