Time, Reality and Walmart

Channeling Transcript

Me: I have a couple more questions about the concept of time. You know, it seems like when we ask one question, three or four more come up. Here’s one. Does time exist solely as a function of motion? Is it created by motion? So if everything in the universe were stopped and then started again, there’s no way to determine just how long it has been stopped, right? So does time exist in only as a function of moving energy?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Anything more on that?

Erik: No, just that it’s a human construct that’s created by movement through a string of creations. One moment is created, then another, then another, and the consciousness, the energy that is consciousness moves from one creation moment point to the next. That’s how the time illusion is created.

Me: So when you look at us, do we look like we’re going in slow motion or do we seem to be frozen in time? And when we see you, do you seem to be moving faster?

(Long pause)

Me: I’m just trying to get an understanding of the perspective from both sides of the veil.

Erik: When we communicate with humans, we move in their plane, their realm.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So yes, we can move at the speed of light, so we can be at the front door, and then you turn around and we can be at the back door.

Me: Okay. Wow, so now, when you’re looking at us, do  we  look  like  we’re  moving  really  really  sllllowwwwly since you move faster?

Erik: Um, we can look at  you like that.

Jamie: He’s laughing!

Erik: It’s not a preference, usually, cuz it ain’t pretty.

Me: Oh, god, I bet not!

Erik: But sports are fun that way.

Me (chuckling): Well, yeah, right, but so you can see us just like you would have when you were alive?

Erik: Yes. The same. We can see you however we want, at whatever speed we want, but we usually prefer the earthly time speed.

Me: Okay. Now, this next one is pretty interesting. So we know that thought creates reality, and it’s immediate in your dimension.

Erik: Uh huh.

Me: Do you have to sit there and concentrate constantly to keep maintain a manifestation like a house or a meadow with purple grass? How can the house, for instance, stay real for so long? It would be exhausting to constantly think “a house,” “a house,” “a house.” Do you have to do that for it to remain manifested?

Erik: So looking at it the opposite way, if I stop being, uh, if I stop thinking about the house, will the house stop being in existence? Is that what you mean?

Me: Yes. That’s exactly what I’m asking. That takes an awful lot of concentration.

Erik: No, you think it would, um, because it’s so much harder to manifest there on the earthly plane. So you think it would take a lot of sit down time, drawing time, but it’s not like that. As long as we are using it and thinking about it, it remains in existence.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But if we’re not thinking about it or using it; if no one is thinking about it or using it, it is not needed and it’s not in existence. But as soon as it’s recalled upon again, it’s there. It reappears. When it’s not in existence, it’s not destroyed, it just doesn’t take up space.

Me: Ah, interesting! Let’s see what’s next here.


Me: Oh, yeah. Do they have shopping centers, movie multiplexes, food courts, Walmart—

Erik: No, we don’t need ‘em.

Me: I can imagine. You don’t need to shop. You can create any thing you want, watch any movie you want.

Erik: Yeah, and we don’t have money, remember?

Me: Yeah, I do. So no need for that slogan, “If it ain’t at Walmart, you don’t need it!”

Erik (chuckling): That’s right. Better change that to, “If it ain’t in Heaven, you don’t need it.”

Erik and I laugh.

My Valentine on the Acoustic Guitar

Ah, I hope he’s playing a tune for us, up there. I miss hearing him play.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. This is the day to spread love, to make sure those in  your life and those whose paths you cross day in and day out know that you love them for who and what they are. Remember Erik’s epitaph: He loved deeply and was deeply loved. Let those words be ones by which we also live.

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