When Does the Soul Enter the Body?

Channeling Transcript

Me: Now what’s the difference—a lot of people have asked this questions—between ghosts and spirits?

Erik: Nothing.

Me: I didn’t think so. It’s all semantics.

Erik: Ghosts, spirits, haunts, they’re called many different kinds of things but they’re all just discarnate souls. All the same thing.

Me: Okay. Now here’s another question a lot of folks seem to ask. When does the soul enter the body? At conception, at birth, or what?

Kim: Very good question, um—

Me: I get the feeling it can be just about any time from conception on, but…

Erik: Let me check with your guides on that one.

(Pause as Erik asks and listens to some higher guides)

Erik: They say it’s usually at birth or shortly after.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It can happen at conception or during the nine months, but that’s not as common.

Me: Is there any basis for their decision to enter the physical body at various times?

Erik: Well, some souls just want to experience the whole hanging out in the womb thing. But sometimes a soul want to be closer to the mom, like maybe they’re soul mates, maybe there was some traumatic separation between the two.

Me: Like what?

Erik: Maybe the baby was aborted, stillborn, a miscarriage or something like that in this life, or maybe it was something like an abduction, an adoption, or some type of separation in this life or a previous one. In these cases, it’s all about comfort, either for the baby, the mom or both.

Me: Wow, okay. So why is it more common to enter the body right before or after birth?

Erik: Um, would you rush into being squeezed into a sardine can after being free and unfettered and expansive for a long time?

Me: Hmm. I guess not. I can’t stand wiggling into my tight jeans after the holidays, so…

Erik (chuckling): Yeah, I didn’t think so!

Kim and I laugh.

Erik: Now after birth, the soul doesn’t have to always stay in the body. They can go out of body and project themselves wherever they want. By the time they’re like 5, 6 or 7, they’re pretty much wired in. ‘Course there are exceptions. Some kids astral travel easier than others all their lives.

Me: I know Arley does. She loves flying out to the Rent-a-Ranch to see the horses and other animals.

Erik: Yeah, and sometimes I go with her. Old people, you know, like the senile ones—

Me: You mean the ones with Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia?

Erik: Yeah. Their consciousness gets pretty mobile too. They can visit over here or sometimes on the earthly plane.

Me: I wish I could do that. I’d visit you in a heartbeat.

Update on Robert

Unfortunately, I had to work today, so I’m not going to be able to see Robert, but I’ve called several times and they say he’s doing well. He wants the NG tube out and they’re going to try to sit him up in a chair. Still running a low grade fever, but he’s being taken care of by an excellent Infectious Disease specialist. I’ll see him tomorrow and give y’all a full assessment!

Alexis sent me this message from Veronica, a very highly evolved spirit who also happens to be my guardian angel. Thank God, cuz I need all the help I can get!

A New Message From VERONICA

Past Life Energy

In your current life experience there can often be incidents of unrest and difficulty that appear to have no connections to your current moment.  It is, however, somewhat impossible to dismiss the negative energy as it impacts the now moment.

All of you have had lives where the energy created remains unresolved.  Some of these lives manifested negative moments that had no opportunity in a physical enactment to resolve themselves.  The life ended taking with it this energy wishing to be concluded.  In some cases there is a huge build up of this energy from concurrent and parallel lives.

Those who find themselves in this type of moment are often confused with the influence those lives have upon their current ones.  More confusion arises when the inability to get “anything right in the moment” reflects upon the life they are living now.

It is important to consider the energy of a past life, while attempting to work through present dramas.  Being able to separate the past from the now is valuable.

Consider the multiple aspects of your physical experience.  It may enable you to maintain your power and progress in this one.”


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