Channeling Jon Benet Ramsey, Part Three

Remember what Jon Benet said about the fact that we’d see more examples of “spiritualness” and love among animals? Here’s amazing evidence of that!

Now, enjoy the last part of our interview with Jon Benet Ramsey.

Me: Okay, was there anything you were here to learn or to teach?

Jon Benet: I was there on earth for my parents.

Me: Okay, for what reason?

Jon Benet: Um, to teach about communication and love and to make them less controlling.

Me: Were you here to learn anything?

Jon Benet: No, it was just for me to be me.

Me: Oh, okay. Good. What was your proudest accomplishment, Sweetie?

Jamie: Well, she’s talking about the awards she’s won.

Jon Benet: Yeah, that was my life.

Me: Can you share a past life that most influenced this last life of yours?

Jon Benet: It’s not a pretty one.

Me: Oh, no. Only share it if you’re comfortable doing so, Baby.

Jon Benet: The life right before this last one, I was a young woman, pretty, and—

Jamie listens as Jon Benet shows visuals and gives descriptions.

Jamie: That is not a pretty life. She was sexually abused by her father in that lifetime, and, because of that, she never healed herself and was, you know…She had a rape incident and turned to abusive sexual patterns as a form of comfort—

Me: Oh my.

Jamie:—because that’s what the father instilled in her as a really young girl.

Me: Was the rape from her father or somebody else?

Jamie: Somebody else. The father knew, but didn’t say anything.

Me: Was this her biological father?

Jamie: Oof, yes.


Jamie: And she ended up taking her own life to get out of the situation, because nobody would help her, and she didn’t know how to stand up for herself, to help herself.

Me: Mm. And how did that influence this last life?

Jon Benet: Cuz I still didn’t have the strength to talk about me not feeling like I wasn’t safe in the place that I was in.

Me: Ah. Well, you were so little, you know, Sweetie?

Jon Benet: Yeah.

Me: Regardless of the past life, I don’t know what child would have known how to surround themselves with complete security.

Jamie: Right.

Jon Benet: Thank you.

Me: Okay. Do you have any other messages for humanity? This is your chance, Darling. You have a voice now, so is there anything else you’d like to share with the world?

Jon Benet: I would like the world to know that death is not scary and that we’re all equal.

Me: All right. Whether you’re a child or an adult, what color you are, etc. Is that what you’re saying?

Jon Benet: Yes.

Me: Okay. Erik, do you want to ask Jon Benet anything?

Erik: What’s your favorite color?

Jon Benet: Blue-green, but sometimes purple.

Erik: What’s your favorite animal?

Jon Benet: A puppy.

Me: Aw.

Jamie and I giggle.

Me: Anything else you want to add, Erik?

Jamie listens to him and then bursts out laughing.

Jamie: Erik!

Jamie giggles some more, then composes herself.

Jamie: He asked her if she could show him how to walk down an aisle.

Me (chuckling): Oh, no! Like a model?

Jamie: Like a model! And so she just pivoted right where she was. I don’t—I was thinking she had on slip-on shoes, but they’re kind of neutral, so she might be barefooted.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: So she turned around and walked it. She says to Erik—like totally giving him directions—“You have to put your shoulders back. You have to pretend like there’s a string on top of your head, and keep your spine straight, and you have to snap your hips when you turn.”

(Pause as the lesson goes on.)

Jamie: She’s laughing at him.

I laugh,too.

Me: I’d love to see him do that. Is he doing it?

Jamie: He’s trying, but, I mean, he’s just being goofy.

Jamie (to Erik): You’re not following directions, Erik!


Jamie: He’s laughing.

Me: That’s so like him!

Jamie: He’s shaking her hand.

Erik (to Jon Benet): Thank you do much for coming in today.

Jon Benet: Thank you for having me!

Me: Thank you, Jon Benet!

Jamie: Aw, she blows a kiss and throws her arm up and waves!

Me: Of course she does! (to Jon Benet) Now, go play with a puppy and eat some chocolate, Honey!

Jon Benet: I will! Bye!

Me: Bye. She’s so cute.

Believe it or not, Erik did have some runway experience in life. Check it out.

Last but not least, here are better links to recommend Erik and Jamie for their own show on the OWN network.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • That poor soul. I hope the next incarnation is a happier one for her. One can read between the lines and see that there were some big problems with her life as Jon Benet.

  • liz

    So when I followed the OWN link, it stated that it’s expecting stories regarding the environment. Thoughts?

  • Vicki

    Have you posted the whole interview, or are you saving some for the book? Any insight on who took her life?

  • Irma

    So why cant you say who killed jon benet? But you can post that mj killed himself with profothol? And casey anthony killed her daughter? Cant you get sued for those comments?

    • Priscilla Hotzman

      That move would be a major defamation lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • I just feel it could be dangerous, given the fact that the killer is still at large. Just instinct.

  • Adriana

    This was interesting and the info given implies no one in the Ramsey family did it.But a lot of things are odd.Why did 9 yr old Burke say he felt safe after the murder? I would think any child would be very scared after a sibling was murdered in the house.Why leave a long, unusual ransom note since she was killed and thus a ransom note would be pointless? There are so many other odd things about the case I cant spend time mentioning.Like a garrot type toy found in one of the children’s bedrooms and feces smeared on candy Jonbenet received for xmas-jealous brother? The ransom note was very odd and sounded like the writer did know something about John Ramsey which might have been why people thought Patsy wrote it.Another medium claims she contacted Jonbenet who implied she was hit by Patsy with a lamp.That Patsy had a lover and she might have caught him with Jonbenet.Thus Patsy went into a rage and killed Jonbenet.I hate to mention it since I don’t like spreading lies but if one compares that communication with Jonbenet and yours, its confusing.Which does one believe?
    I find it very hard to believe Jonbenet would choose a life in which she would be murdered, even if it was to teach a lesson.That would mean the person who killed her also chose to be her killer before being born.Because I so abhor violence or stress or anything bad, I view such a theory as warped but if others want to believe in it, well, so be it.
    You say suicide does not solve a person’s problems but no one ever explains such a statement.I would think all problems would be gone once one is on the other side.For example if one is ill, the illness is no more in the spirit world, if one has money woes, there is no such problem on the other side cause there is no need for money there.And perhaps suicide is intended before coming to earth.A soul might say, ok, I’ll go to earth but if it gets too hard I’ll suicide.Besides suicides might be teaching a lesson to friends and family just as Jonbenets murder did.
    I think I leafed through a book you wrote about your son in a bookstore and it said a person could experience pregnancy on the other side.How is that possible if the body is no longer physical matter?
    Do you ever do sessions for people like a psychic would?

  • Lynx234

    Before Patsy Ramsey died she was referred to a friend of mine who had correctly picked up information on the Susan Smith case. I’d previously gotten accurate information on a local case of a missing girl –who was fine, by the way (we got confirmation a couple of months later), using a technique called psychometry (and one spontaneous kitty ghost even before that), so my friend asked me to try to help too. We did the technique (psychometry) on handwriting samples of Patsy Ramsey and the kidnapping note in sealed unmarked envelopes. The energy from Patsy Ramsey’s writing was NOTHING like the energy from the kidnapper’s. I’m nowhere near as good a psychic as Erik’s mediums but if I can trust what I know from that–and it was just as clear & strong as the ones where the info proved true, so I do trust it–Patsy Ramsey did not kill her child. Her energy was soft but like steadily falling rain (symbolizing pretty much unrelenting grief) and a broken mother’s heart. Also, it felt like she was more indulgent/doting than strict.) Understand, we each held the envelopes one by one and wrote down what we picked up, setting one on the right, one on the left, & then opened them. The energy from the kidnap note still makes me feel sick just thinking about it. I had no opinion on the case before (well, mostly I avoided thinking about children being killed, my boys were around 9 and 4 at the time), other than being creeped out by child beauty contests because of the danger of attracting pedophiles.

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