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Here’s the initial part of our channeling session from June 10th. Will I ever catch up? Actually, transcribing these sessions is very healing for me, because it’s like yet another conversation with my sweet son.

Channeling Transcript from June 10th session

Me: Hi Jamie, how are you?

Jamie: Doing good. How are you?

Me: Great. So, are you sure you’re doing okay?

(The tone in her voice ratted her out.)

Jamie: Well, it’s been kind of a difficult week. Erik’s been talking to me just a little bit about it. My friend—she has three children—and her youngest is two years old. The father had them all at the lake—

Me: Oh no.

Jamie: —and they all had their life preservers on and everything. They came out of the water to build sand castles, and the littlest one must have taken her life vest off, and he was just kind of looking over a book and just sitting with them at the castle, and he looked up and she was gone.

I gasp.

Jamie: So, they called me, and I saw her.

Me: Aw.

Jamie: She was in the water; she had drowned.

Me (sadly): Aw.

Jamie: So Ella (the little girl) has been talking to me throughout the week.

Me: Aw.

Jamie (tearfully): And so I’ve been trying to help them. I’ve been bawling, and Erik is like, “Dude, look at Ella! She’s happy!”

Me: I know, but it’s still hard for us peons in the foxholes over here.

Jamie: That’s what I was telling him. I’m like, ‘That’s just us being so human!’

Me: I know.

Jamie: But she is! She’s two, and she’s beautiful and alert and amazing.

Me: Well, good.

Jamie: Erik says, “Well, that’s what it feels like. You just come out of the passing with no fear, no anger, no upset or panic, because for the first time you feel like you’ve got it all together. You don’t feel like something is missing. You’re together and you’re whole.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And for her being two, she probably felt that way alive as well—so innocent and assured. You know, she’s totally fine!

Me: Ah, good. Still, as a mother, I can understand how the parents must feel, especially the father. It must be just awful.

Jamie (tearfully): I know. I know.

Me: Well, I had a feeling something in your voice sounded a little bit off. I thought I’d ask.

Jamie (crying): Thank you. That was it.

Me (in a high pitched tone like I’m talking to a small child): Oh, Erik, how are you doing? I forgot to say hi, Baby. I’m sorry, but I talk to you every day, so…

Jamie: He’s doing great. He’s laughing, because he always loves how when you say hi it’s like the first time, like it’s been years!

Me: I know! Yeah, that’s true.

Erik: Hey, Mom, when we have a TV show, it’s going to grab the attention of the college aged kids, cuz it’ll be, you know, hip, but it’s going to also get the generation right above that. Women will like it mostly, because they understand this stuff more, which is great.

Erik: It’s great that I’m a guy and I’m such a manly man, so I’ll bring in the male market.

Jamie laughs.

Me (laughing): Oh yeah! Mister Macho over there! So, Sweetie, whatcha been up too, lately?

Jamie listens for a while.

Jamie: Well, he threw out 5 or 6 things right away.

Erik: I’ve been horsing around, helping people meditate, making sure I have all the celebrities lined up and briefed, um, and I’ve been cleaning up some of my old shit.

Me: Like what?

Erik: You know, like the emotional things I don’t need any more.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: Yeah, I was kinda holding on to them for sentimental reasons; it’s pretty ridiculous.

Me: Like what, Erik?


Me: Oh, you don’t have to share if you don’t want to. That’s fine.

Jamie: He shows me memories of him and some friends, of girls, him and a girlfriend.

Erik: Yeah I was just trying to hold on to word, every, every thing, kinda how a human does with their memories.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: And really, you just have to let go of it, because you can always reach out and grab hold of it again, any time you want.

Me: Yeah, I guess that’s true. Do you have anything else to share about that before we go on to another celebrity?

Erik: Nah.

Me: So Erik, did you delete Jamie’s recording of when she had that public trance channeling event in Atlanta? I know the power went out right when you were talking about electricity and it seemed perfectly choreographed. The moment you raised your hands and said, “Lie this,” the lightening cracked and thunderclap boomed and the lights went out.

Erik: Yeah, that was me deleting the recording.

Jamie: Erik! They said the lines were on and they could see the voices recording. Then they went to check it and it said zero. Nothing was recorded all that time.

Me: The same thing happened to me with my first interview with ETP radio. We had to do the entire second segment over again because nothing recorded. Was that you.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: What? Why? Erik, please! You little rascal!

Jamie; Yeah, Erik, stop that! If you want us to do the work that ou need us to do, don’t delete us!

Me: Exactly! Why did you do that? Did you think that the interview wasn’t going to be helpful?

Erik: For the radio show, I really think that they needed to get to know you more, so making them do it all over, they really got better information.

Me: Oh, okay. Actually, that’s true. The do-over was much more cohesive and informative. So tell me this, Erik. Why did you do the thing with the audio for Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah, Erik? (I can almost see her tapping her foot with both hands on her hips like a mother waiting impatiently for a child to explain why she found the cat yeowing in the dryer.)

(Long pause as Erik explains)

Jamie (giggling): I don’t think that’s true, but he says he deleted it so we couldn’t post it for people to hear, because he wanted people to come for the Channeling Erik Weekend and experience it like a new thing.

Me: Oh, okay. Hmm. I think it would have been better to put a little teaser out there.

Jamie: That’s what I thought, too!

Erik (chuckling): Maybe you’re not the best marketers!

Me: Oh, so now he’s a marketing guru!

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