A Potpourri of Topics

Here's the initial part of our channeling session from June 10th. Will I ever catch up? Actually, transcribing these sessions is very healing for me, because it's like yet another conversation with my sweet son. Channeling Transcript from June 10th session Me: Hi Jamie, how are you? Jamie: Doing … Continue reading

The Afterlife Investigations

By popular demand, here's that amazing video. Be sure to watch all of it, because, despite some repetition, the evidence just keeps getting more and more amazing. NOTE: I SEE THAT THIS IS NOW PASSWORD PROTECTED. IT'S  WORTH PURCHASING THOUGH!! THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS DVD EDIT 12.1.11 from … Continue reading

The Jason and Erik Show

First an update on Robert. Good news and bad news. The good news is that Robert feels great other than frequent shaking chills. The bad news is that on CT scan, they found a big abscess just behind the bladder causing those chills as well as his high white cell count. So back to the OR he goes, … Continue reading

Haunting the Fam

Robert is coming along fine. He's getting up to walk, taking clear liquids by mouth, and getting his sense of humor back as you can see! (He was having hot flashes so I filled up those blue gloves with ice.) On another note, I noticed a lot of you have been very reticent about contacting me by … Continue reading

Erik Finds Tracy and Shannon

I know these stories are also in the comments section, but they're so remarkable, I think they deserve a home of their own in the form of a post. Plus, I'm working a 12 hour shift at the hospital, and cutting and pasting seems a bit more manageable today. (Yes, I do have a lazy streak!) Anyway, … Continue reading