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Channeling Erik Family Member, Debbie, shared what I think is a mind bending spiritual experience. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Debbie! We love you!

Dear Elisa

For some months now I have contemplated sharing with you what I will call “My Experience.”  I have held off because quite frankly, what happened is so unbelievably overwhelming I was not sure I should share it.  Recent subjects and questions on the blog have prompted me to send you this email.  My hope is that it may give you some peace and if you think it is appropriate to share this with the readers, it will also offer them some peace as well. I call this my “Experience” as I don’t know how else to categorize what occurred.  I do not believe this was a dream however it happened when I thought I was asleep.  I do not think it was a NDE, as I am healthy without any diagnosed illnesses. And I do not believe it was an out of body experience because what I experienced was not really about me, rather it was a sneak peek of the other dimensions that are in store for all of us.

As you read this please keep in mind that it is with great difficulty that I try to relay this information, because the human language simply does not have the words and my mind does not have the capability to express the hugeness of what I experienced. So, here goes.

About a year and a half ago, after going to bed one night I found myself in a place. I knew it was me but my body was not “in” this place as the others were, I was there but only from an observation standpoint.  “There” was other worldly and I knew it was heaven, for lack of a better word.  What I saw was a vast waterpark, the biggest one could imagine.  It was a kaleidoscope of colors, and not color as we see it, the colors were spectacular, they were off the spectrum.  The water was actually color, swirling and moving in a fluid, glorious way. And all of this was not my reality, it was the reality of hundreds of little children who were with their parents.  I had knowledge of these children.  They had experienced serious illnesses and much suffering in their little lives as well as their parents. But now they were all happily playing and the love was something I cannot describe. The waterpark changed landscape at the whim of any child. For instance if one child wanted a purple dragon that spewed green water then that is what they saw and experienced.  This however did not interfere at all with any of the other children’s desires.  It all played out in simpatico, and so peaceful… 

My eyes then drifted to the right where there was a massive roller coaster type ride.  There I saw a life long friend of mine putting her young son on one of the cars.  My friend and her son are not dead. In fact she has two sons.  The one she was assisting is her son who has many of the same issues that Erik dealt with and that my nephew dealt with when they were on this earthly plane. Her son is 20 years old. Here he was a small child and they were now blissful souls together as mother and child.  The next perception I had was of my cousin and her husband. They kind of drifted by with huge smiles on their faces.  They looked to be in their mid twenties (they are 60 now) and they were wearing matching black leather jackets. (I keep meaning to ask them if they ever had matching leather jackets). I could see with great detail the grain of the leather, every hair on their head and feel their inner peace.  They are still alive as well. I remember thinking to myself “why am I seeing people that are still alive, when there are so many that I know who have passed and I am not seeing them?”  That thought instantaneously took me to a lush green park. Just for clarification, when I say that thought “took” me, I did not physically go anywhere, I was just there.  Hard to explain.

In the park was a bench sitting under a tree.  Sitting on that bench was a dear friend who had passed about a year ago.  He was 48-50 when he died.  Now he looked maybe 30, healthy and fit with a huge smile. Elisa I could see every fiber of every thread on his clothes.  I can still see them to this day. I could see every hair on his head, the twinkle in his eyes were pure color and light. Telepathically he asked me if I would like to go camping.  He was an avid outdoorsman, it was amazing.  He died in his sleep on the floor of his apartment while watching Ohio State play football.  My brother in law found him, they were best friends.  My brother in law is also my nephew Johns father.  My heart bleeds for him and what he has had to deal with.

This next part is what resonates so deeply with me, and what I hope will convey some peace to your readers who are wondering or questioning what has happened to our loved ones.  I was now  in a “place”, but not a physical place. In this place I had my body, but it was not my current body (thank God). At the time I had recently turned 50. My body however was probably 20ish, maybe 30 at the most.  I was at a high elevation but not on anything physical, I just was there. I can liken it to being on the highest point of a mountain but there is no mountain. My hair was blowing but not really moving. There was an indescribable light enveloping me.  It was not like looking at a light, it was just a soft white light.  It just “was”.  And in this light I knew Everything. I capitalize Everything because this was total knowledge beyond the comprehension of the human mind. This was total peace, total love, total understanding. This light WAS EVERYTHING. I knew that there was a reason for everything, absolutely everything that happens to us on the earthly plane and this was a totally freeing and peace filled knowing. There is absolutely NO way I can describe this. I remember looking back over my left shoulder and in my minds eye seeing the earth, not as the astronauts see it from space, but from this knowledge level.  And my mind drilled down to my children, and I knew that they would be fine without me, because they have their destiny and it will be fulfilled.  It is THEIR destiny, their life plan, not mine. No matter what I do, they have their OWN destiny and I am not able to control it. But I knew that whatever their lives bring for them that it is okay there is a plan for their lives and it is bigger than any of us, and it is Good, no matter the outcome.

I am grasping for words to explain all of this. It is just so much bigger than any of us.  The collective peace was overwhelming. I don’t know if any of us can truly experience total peace while in this physical body like I experienced there. The knowing was all encompassing.  It wasn’t like knowing why the grass is green or any other question we could possibly fathom, this was total, freeing, liberating knowledge.  Elisa I also knew if I never went back that would be OK.  I didn’t feel like I had unfinished business or anything I needed to say to anyone, I knew there was a greater energy in motion and everything was the way it should be.

My final experience found me back at the waterpark. This time from out of the distance my father came walking to me. He passed 17 years ago.  I am crying as I write this now. He was a truly loving, gentle soul and was loved by everyone. As he came towards me I could again see every thread of his clothing, every detail of his face right down to the pores of his skin, every color of every hair on his head.  Then he held me and I started to cry as we embraced. There was so much love there. The moment I started to cry is the moment I awoke or became aware of my physical surroundings again, and I was crying.

For at least 2 days after this experience I could barely communicate with anyone. My mind was numb, but was also reeling from what I had experienced. I felt as if I was walking in a cloud.  What I did know was what happened was real.  It was not a dream and that is even harder to comprehend. I have shared this verbally with only two people. The first person I shared this with wept with me as I tried to relay my experience, it was that deeply moving. This is the first time I have put this is writing. The words are weak compared to the hugeness of what we all have to look forward to. It is my hope you can find some solace from what I have shared.  Erik and all of our loved ones ARE in such an incredible place. Our journey is their journey, and all of our journeys are one.

I wish you much love and peace.


All I can say is WOW, Debbie, you described this so well, I felt I was there. I understand how challenging this, because our language is meant to describe our very limited three dimensional, five sense reality.  To the rest of you, when it doubt, share, share, share. We are in a safe play to do so.

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