Ask Erik: Sarah’s Question

Here is the last question in this incredibly long list of submissions to the Ask Erik venue. Let’s see what kind of detective Erik is!

Sarah’s Question

Hello, and thank you for sharing your experiences with those of us who have also lost loved ones and are looking for answers.

My question for Erik is this: What happened to my Mom? She died very suddenly, alone, at home in Paw Paw, Michigan at the age of 46. She was found by her sister-in-law. She was born 9/4/62 and died 2/13/09. Her name was Martha.

There have always been questions surrounding her death, and I am still not certain of what it was that actually took her life.

Can you please help me with this? I want to know that she is okay.


Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, the last Ask Erik questions for this session are from Sarah Waynick. She’d like to know what happened to her mother, Martha, who died suddenly at home in Paw Paw, Michigan when she was alone. She was found by her sister-in-law. Her age is 46 and her date of death was 2/13/09. What happened?

Erik: I’m hearing natural causes. Her guardian angels say natural causes. The sister-in-law had nothing to do with it. She was totally shocked, stunned. She wasn’t poisoned or anything like that. Kinda weird that her angels would mention that.

Me: Yeah, that’s weird. Sarah didn’t seem to indicate any foul play.

Erik: Yep, it was something to do with the heart, Mom. And it was her destiny to pass when she did.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Martha always sensed she wouldn’t live to be really, really old, and she actually told people that. But she didn’t really know it was gonna happen when it did. You know, she hadn’t been feeling real well for some time before she died, but she wasn’t’ the kind of person who would talk about her physical health like, (in a whiny voice) “Oh, I don’t feel well.” She would be the one to take care of everyone else. So she wouldn’t have told anyone she wasn’t feeling good. She literally dropped dead, Mom.

Me: Is she doing okay? Any messages at all?

Erik: Oh, I’m hearing it was related to the mitral valve.

Me: Yeah, that makes sense, given her young age.

Erik: She says, “Sarah is very dear to me. Tell her that I love her. Tell her that I could not be more proud of her. Tell her that I’m right here with her. I’ll be there when she gets married. I will be there when she gives birth. I will be there for all of her…when she graduates. I will be there for all of her triumphs.” Martha’s saying that all of these things are in front of her. So let’s say that Sarah says she’s already graduated; obviously that means she’s gonna go back and take another course and graduate again.

Me: Sure, I understand.

Erik: Wow, Martha’s expressing this huge, tremendous, profound love for Sarah and oh, oh, she wants Sarah to know this cuz it’s very important! Sarah will not die the way she did. Sarah’s heart is just fine. It’s not hereditary. Her heart valves and arteries and everything are just fine.

Kim: That is good to know!

Me: Yes, it sure is.

Next channeling session, I plan to delve more into the nature of Erik’s death, the afterlife and other spiritual matters. There will be a few questions from readers, but not as many as this time. I’ll also relay recent pranks and visitations from Erik that have provided me with a great deal of solace and comfort…commodities I have sorely needed in these last few months.

Thanks, my little Sherlock Holmes. Until Thursday, Sweetie.

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