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First, I want to say how sorry I am that a truly wise woman has left the earthly plane. Maya Angelou was an inspiration to millions, me included. I now have her on the (long) list of people to interview, but since I won’t be using sessions for anything except gathering information for the next book until around November, this might take awhile. That’s the publisher’s tentative deadline for the completed manuscript. Again, this is also why I have to post these “Best of Erik” entries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don’t want to run out of material! I may also have to post celebrity interviews less frequently than every Friday for the same reason.

For those of you unable to attend, Erik was in fine form during last night’s trance channeling event. We had a record number of people sign up, all of whom hopefully benefited from what he had to say.

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Somewhere between wakefulness and sleep, I sat with Erik under a beautiful oak tree that was standing alone in an expansive meadow. This is the place we agree to meet in dreams. All of the colors were exquisitely vibrant, unlike the scenery in my usual dreams. He was wearing the same clothes he had on the day he died, but he looked different. He looked as peaceful and happy as I’ve ever seen him. He truly glowed. I asked him how he was, and he just gave me his usual rascally smirk that meant, “You know the answer to that.” Then he proceeded to share a great deal of amazing information. I can’t quote him word for word, so I’ll paraphrase the best I can.

Erik said that we are all connected. He repeated what he has said in the past that when bereaved people on the earthly plane meet in the way that we have met through this blog, their departed loved ones connect in the afterlife. When he restated this, I thought how uncannily in agreement this concept was with the quantum entanglement theory. Erik went on to say that when I grieve, my vibrational energy is very dense; it affects his vibrational energy too, because of our (quantum) connection. That’s why those who grieve the most are often the ones who don’t experience the communication from their loved ones that they so desperately seek. It’s too hard for spirits to manifest themselves when their energy is denser. However, when we feel light and joyful, when we send our departed loved ones prayers and thoughts of love, their vibrational energy is equally affected, and they can manifest and communicate with us more easily. Remembering the times that I’ve felt sad, I’ll have to agree it feels “heavy.” Maybe that’s what “having a heavy heart” is all about. And when I feel love or joy, I feel a lightness. I now understand why we call it “light-hearted.”

Erik told me to think of God, that massive, intelligent, loving consciousness, as a body and we are all of the nerve receptors: touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste, and more. When a finger is held to a candle flame, the touch receptor fires, (no pun intended) and the electrical signal travels to many other areas of the body. The heart skips a beat, the lungs take in a gasp, the motor neurons make the finger withdraw, and on and on. When we hurt, so do our departed loved ones. Every event, every reaction is like a ripple a pond, or in this case, a ripple in the Universe. What happens to us and how we respond to it affects much more than us as individuals.

Erik adds that God, that infinite consciousness, seeks to define Itself through us. It’s impossible for God to answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “What am I?’ within a vacuum. God needs us, those individual souls who are the taste buds, rods and cones, olfactory receptors, auditory nerves, etc. to explore Itself through human experiences. As we seek to evolve and define ourselves, God, through us, does the same.

Why do we need to experience life on Earth encased in flesh, and why are we often plagued with adversity to do so? I’m not at all sure, but it’s on my ever-growing list of questions. It seems like every time a question is answered, it gives birth to a dozen more. But I think it’s like a toddler exploring his environment, both internal and external. To understand the difference between hot and cold, he might just have to touch a candle’s flame. To understand gravity, he might just have to tumble down a few stairs. To understand disappointment, he might just have to ask for something he can’t have. To understand forgiveness, he might just have to bite his mother, only to receive a warm hug after his timeout.

That said, last night’s dream was such a gift. It brought me a level of joy that I wish for all of you, too.

Mr. Wise Guy?

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