Erik and Our Deceased Loved Ones

As I was sitting outside in today’s drizzly, cozy weather clacking away on my keyboard, I look out of the corner of my eye to see my little 3-pound Yorkie, Bella, wrestling a squirrel to the ground. She’s an avid squirrel hunter, but has never caught one in her almost one and a half years of life. The squirrels never take her seriously because of her size. In fact, they often taunt her, circling the bottom of a tree trunk just out of reach while she runs around it. I really don’t want her to catch one, because those little squirrel claws are like razors, and she could get seriously hurt. But when she had the squirmy little critter pegged down, she seemed calm, focused and determined. No fear. She never gives up. Surely there’s a lesson out there for us all. 

A Force to be Reckoned with

A Force to be Reckoned with

I thought the post below would be apropos considering the loss of our beloved Kris.

Me: If a Channeling Erik blog member dies, could you be there to welcome them, and has it happened yet?

Erik: Yeah, it’s “happened yet.”

Me: Okay. So, if they want you to be there, will you?

Erik: Oh, yeah. Look at Tammie’s dad. He didn’t know me, but she’s a fan.

Erik corrects Jamie.

Jamie: Oh, “fam.”

Me: Yeah, that’s better. I don’t like the word, “fan.” It implied “better than.”

Erik: She knew that I could be someone she could rely on or who could just help out. Plus, he knew I was there. He said so. I still chill with the guy. He’s cool.

Me: Do you try to help the children of the blog members who have passed?

Erik: Yes, I do. The kids are super smart. When they cross over, they usually know where they are. It’s like they went through a revolving door and, “Ta da! I’m back!” They have more of an awareness after they die. I love the kids because they still like to play. Some of them love playing with our dogs over here.

Me: Aww, how sweetie! Penny, Zoe and Peanut loved to play!

Erik: Yeah, well Zoe mostly.

Me: The kids are super smart. So I guess us grownups are dumb and clueless! Nice. Now, do you take these people, child or adults, under your wing and show them the ropes or do their other guides do that, or do you all work together?

Erik: I help if I can, meaning, if there’s something available for me to give or to do, I will, but a lot of times, I’m not needed. I’m just there to say, “Here’s my hug. Here’s my support. What’s up?” But, seriously, like 98% of the time, they just don’t need me hovering around. I do anyways, though.

Jamie and I giggle. Too many cooks…

Me: When you do help them, what do you do?

Erik: It depends on what they need. Some of them need to get oriented. They’re not sure where they are. Sometimes I get in their faces and go, “Dude. You’re here where I chill!” Then I teach them how to do shit like move around, manifest whatever they want and stuff. I give them the tour to all the places around here like the places of learning, the music halls or whatever you want to call them cuz they’re not really halls. The thing I like to do the most is teach them how to communicate with anyone they left behind. First, I teach them how to come into a lucid dream. That’s the easiest thing for them to do because it only requires them to merge with the human’s consciousness while they sleep. When they got that down, I teach them how to communicate in channeling sessions. A lot of them are already good at that, but some aren’t. They might communicate only with energy, feelings, and, for some mediums, that’s hard to interpret. The hardest thing to teach is how to communicate directly to their loved ones like through signs, pranks and physical manifestation, but I like teaching these the most.

Me: I bet you do. You’re so good at it.

Erik: Yeah, it came kind of naturally for me, but I still needed someone to teach me how to do it well.

Me: Refresher course. So what about people who are new to the blog and just lost someone?

Erik: What about them?

Me: Do you help them right away?

Erik: Here’s the thing. A lot of times when these people lose like a child or a spouse or whatever, they need to be brought to the blog or the book. Their deceased loved one and I usually work together to get that to happen.

Me: How do you do that?

Erik: You know, sneaky ways. Little signs that point them in the right direction, putting the idea into their consciousness, things like that. Like sometimes when they’re in a bookstore, we’ll get them to look up right when they get to the shelf where the book is. Sometimes we’ll work with search engines so they find the blog or the book.

Screw Google ads.

Me: Yeah, a lot of people say they don’t know how they just happened to stumble upon the blog or book.

Erik: That’s the team. Me, the deceased, sometimes the guides of the dead person and the guides of the human.

Me: Well, this all gives me comfort.

Erik: You know, it was me and my guides–

Grammar, dude!

Erik: –who flew under the radar to guide Kristina and you to make the blog.

Me: The platform for your work.

Erik: And yours, Mom.

Me: Guess what!

Erik: What?

Me: I love you.

Erik grumbles. I used to do that with him (and continue to do that with his siblings and my grand daughter.) They get so excited thinking it’s some huge surprise only to find out that it’s some boring love thing. They fall for it every time, though.

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