Channeling Jesus, Part Five

Enjoy the final part of Jesus's interview. I know some of us, including me, will have withdrawal symptoms!  Me: So, what do you think of the state of humanity now? Jesus: It is what it is suppose to be. When you remove yourself from the human life, you’re able to see the possibilities. The … Continue reading

Real or Illusory?

Funny story alert. I was practicing using my dousing rods yesterday, in one case to find Erik. Guess where he was. Yep, on the toilet off my utility room. Then Maria gave it a whirl and guess where she found him. Yep, on the toilet in the powder room. Some things never change, and scatological … Continue reading

Evil Nasty Things, Ew

Channeling Transcript Me: Okay, uh, we asked this before a while back, but I’m going to pose the question again: Are there demonic spirits? Is there true evil? It seems like I’ve gotten different answers from different people. Arleen is singing loudly in my lap. Me: Arleen, Sweetie, hush a … Continue reading