Channeling Jon Benet Ramsey, Part One

Sorry about the server problems today! I wish I could say it won’t happen again, but I’d be lying through my teeth! Thanks for being patient!

I’d also like to thank you all for viewing my very grade B video for the Spiritual Messengers Global Soul Summit contest. Apparently, we’re ahead by a lot, but it’s not over yet. If we do win, I hope to share the Channeling Erik story. Maybe Erik can join us in the interview. That should keep things lively!

Now, I’d like to this sweet, innocent child to take the stage, a place that she found both familiar and comfortable. How sad that most fear the unforgiving limelight when the true danger, at least for her, lies in offstage.

R.I. P. Jon Benet

Me: So Erik, do we have time for one more? Can you find someone who doesn’t have as much to say? We have less than fifteen minutes left in the session.

Erik: You mean to say when you talk to famous people, you think they’re not going to have anything to say?

Me (laughing): I know! I know!


Jamie: Nobody else is popping in. Oops, wait a sec. Erik just went to go get somebody.

Erik disappears, then returns with Jon Benet Ramsey.

Jamie: She is little!

Me: Aw!

Jamie (to Jon Benet is a high sweet voice): Hi!

Me (also to Jon Benet): Hi, Sweetie!

Jamie: You have a beautiful name!

Jon Benet: Thank you!

Me: Okay, Honey, we’ll just keep this short. We want to give you a chance to share whatever you’d like with the world, okay.

Jon Benet: ‘Kay.

Me: Can you start by telling us what your death was like?


Me: What was it like to cross over?

Jamie: Um, she’s cute. She rocks on her feet, like on the outsides of her feet, then on the insides.

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: You know what I mean? It’s not heel to toe; it’s side to side.

Me: Um hm.

Jamie: And she pushes her hair back. It’s not all puffy and everything. It’s like little kid’s hair. It’s long; she has long hair.

Jon Benet: I really liked after I died, cuz I got to see family I never met before, and everyone loved me, and I knew everything would be okay. I wasn’t worried about my mom or my dad. It’s just like nothing else really mattered.

(Short pause)

Jon Benet: I liked doing all the pageant stuff, but I was tired of it. I liked doing it sometimes, but not all the time, and my mom wanted me to do it all the time. And so I was tired. (She emphasizes the last word with a tone of mock-exhaustion.)

Me: Aw, Sweetie.

Jon Benet: So, in death, now I can do what I want!

Me: When you first crossed over, what were your first realizations?

Jamie (to Jon Benet): She means when you crossed over, what did you see? How did it feel to you? What was the difference?

(I knew I should have stayed away from the bigger words!)

(Pause, then Jamie laughs loudly)

Jon Benet (to Jamie): I knew what she meant; I was just pausing to give my answer.

(I can just imagine the staged pause preceding the answers in beauty pageants I’ve watched in the past, so this is probably part of the act for Jon Benet.)

Jamie (to me, giggling): But she had this clueless look on her face, so I figured I’d reword your question. That was funny.

Jon Benet: I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to be on earth anymore.


Jon Benet: I wasn’t sad that I died. I was just happy and confused.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jon Benet: For a while, I thought I could go back, but they would never let me see my body. When I died, they took me—

Jamie (to Jon Benet): Who’s “they”; Who’s “they”?

Pause as Jamie listens to the little girl.

Jamie: She’s talking about a grandmother. Family. Family in spirit took her away before her death was complete.

Jon Benet: I was very uncomfortable before I died, because I was in pain; I hurt. I was tied.

Me: Aw.

Jon Benet: I didn’t do anything wrong.

Me (tearfully): Of course not, Baby.

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