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Here’s another great post from Kate, one of our guest bloggers–and so timely, too! Be sure to visit her blog, “Psychic in Training”!

I’ve had conversations with other psychics about what I’ve come to call The Jesus Thing.  See, spirituality has become so intertwined with religion over the last few thousand years, that some psychics who work very closely with a guy / archetype / ascended master like Jesus don’t feel comfortable talking about it  for fear of scaring off clients, and being lumped in with “those people”.  You know who I’m talking about – those people who might use Christianity like a club.

You know that story about Jesus whipping a bunch of people in a church for gambling?  I have had *very little* religious instruction, but I remember hearing something about that in Sunday School.  I thought, “No, Jesus is nice.  He wouldn’t do something like that.”  That’s what I think.

I was *so* freaking impressed with Elisa and Jamie for having the ovaries to post their first Jesus entry last year:

Before that entry, Jesus was a guy that was furtively mentioned among the psychic circles I’d travelled, with shifty eyes, like, “Hey, uh, have you talked to Jesus yet?”  Like he’s the black market or something.

It’s a big risk, because if they *haven’t* or think they can’t or shouldn’t, you’re right in the crosshairs for a blast of that person’s insecurities / negativities – however that manifests.  And people might start making assumptions about your religious alignments.

In one of the Sean and Jen podcasts, Jamie said, “This is something that everybody has a right to do.”  I heard that and shouted “YES!!!”  I was at work and people came in to check on me, thinking there was some Herbal Essences shampoo ad going on.

YES!  I believe it too, and so does Erik, and that’s what he wants to talk about for this Easter Weekend blog post.

Hit it Erik!

He’s wearing a huge baggy shirt, a sideways baseball cap, jeans that are falling off his ass, lots of bling, sunglasses and – oh yes, his shirt says “Jesus is my Homeboy!”

 Yeah!  My friend has a shirt like that – I love it!

So yeeeah, uh (swipes his thumb under his nose – he’s bein’ all gangsta) Jesus yo, he my homeboy! 

(aside – getting derailed already – I asked Sweetie if this hand gesture Erik was doing is like “rap hands” or “gangsta hands” – Sweetie said “I don’t know, Ask Biggie” – Biggie immediately said “I’m from Brooklyn, I don’t know what white boys from Texas do!”)

Now Erik’s all laughing, and he’s standing up a bit straighter.  Right, so what do you want to say about people finding their own –

Yeah, their own conversations / relationships with Jesus – exactly!  You DO NOT NEED to be in a church to talk to Jesus, or God or Archangel Michael (Raphael, Gabriel – any of the light beings) – Was Jamie in a church when she talked to Jesus?  HEEEELLLL NO!

Funny. (he sticks his tongue out a bit between his teeth, grin)

Moreover (professor) you do not need to be a pastor or reverend or minister or priest or cardinal or the freaking pope to talk to God.  We are all children of “God” right?  We all come from the same light source, the same source of love, we KNOW this already.  All you-all know this already, and it’s a pretty easy concept to integrate.  (This is funny because now he’s doing a sermon-on-the-mound thing.)  We’re all made up of the same stuff, we’re all connected, and we DO ALL have the RIGHT to communicate directly with God for our own TRUTH.  We are all children of God, if you want to say it that way – and God talks to all of her/his kids. 

Now he’s pointing fingers at people in his sermon-on-the-mound audience, and imitating Oprah:  You talk to God!  You talk to God!  You can talk to God!  EVERYBODY TALKS TO GOD!

I love Oprah.

You should see her from up here!  (Shows me Oprah’s energy map – that is, her energy influence and its reach – it’s lit up a huge portion of the US, Canada, and has branches and tentacles reaching all over the world, with glowing spots in Africa, Australia, wow, Iran, Pakistan, all over the middle east – that’s amazing.

Yeah, and she’s teaching people how to love themselves, that’s the first thing you gotta do before you can do any of this talking to Jesus shit.  But EVERYONE should talk to Jesus at least once in their life, because he is a fuckin’ cool dude.

I think you just summed up Christianity in that one sentence.

Okay, so as an Easter Present to CE Readers, do you want to help them learn how to talk to God / Jesus / The Universe / Angels / Whoever?  Because it’s all the same, in a way.

Yeah, the difference being what *you* perceive / create is the difference.  Like, if you think you need to go through Metatron to talk to God, then, you’d better talk to Metatron.  (Shows me a transformer toy.  Yeah, that would be a good name for a transformer.  Oh yeah, TRANSFORMER – Erik’s linking the double-entendre of the name, like “robots in disguise” and the spiritual meaning of transformation / transmutation.)

Apparently my explaining that kind of butchers the joke, sorry guys – but not everyone knows what the transformers are.  Oh and not everyone knows who Metatron is – here’s one article: or you could watch Kevin Smith’s movie “Dogma” which Erik watched with us recently, in which the “Metatron” character was simply called “The Voice of God” which is the context he’s using.

It was just an example, but you guys get the idea.  Any separation we have from “the other side” is all shit we put there ourselves.  So learning to be “psychic” isn’t so much about taking classes and getting qualified, it’s about learning to let go of all that shit we carry around every day that separates us from “God”. 

Think about it. (deadpan)

Is that it, Erik?

Yeah, I think that’s it.

Do you have any suggestions on how people can learn to recognize their own shit that’s separating them from “heaven”?  Kind of like fear, right?  First: See It.  Next: Talk to it.  Finally: Clear it.  Right?

Fuck yeah, that’s it.  (He’s thinking about how people can recognize their separation as a creation of their own free will)  It’s like, you have to take the responsibility.  Don’t say “I wish I could do that.”  Say “I’m going to learn – no wait this is better:  I AM learning to do that!”  Watch how fast your fear rushes up to stop you!  Sh-waaaah!  (makes a hand gesture like a magician, like “poof!”)  (Chiding me for not describing the hand gesture as cool enough – it was VERY COOL people, I’m like, WOAH!)

Okay, I guarantee you it’s your fear that’s going to try and stop you.  So just work through it.

It’s true: I see that all the time in Animal Communication – people are afraid to learn to talk to animals because they don’t want to open themselves up to all the suffering in the animal world.  But it’s really just a fear that keeps you from moving forward and doing it – you let yourself off the hook.  Sure, it’s not all fun, but it’s not overwhelming either – because whenever you ask for help, you get help!

Erik, is there any sort of rush to push people to learn to be psychic?  Like, I hear sometimes that “We’re running out of time!”  Actually I think you’ve said something like that too.  I ask because some people aren’t the greatest learners under pressure, and I have always been able to put the brakes on when things get scary.

Well, yeah, but some people need a boot in the ass, you know?  I don’t want to scare anybody, there’s no doomsday, nothing bad will happen if you sit in your recliner drinking beer and watching the game for the rest of your life, except your guides will be going fucking nuts trying to get you to move your ass!

So that dude in the recliner is probably not even reading CE.  Yeah, but his WIFE is. 

(So he takes me over the shoulder of this woman reading CE, and looking at her husband.  She feels like she can’t talk to him about what she’s experiencing, because Erik is all up in HER bathroom mirror in the morning, making faces at her while she brushes her teeth.)

Erik says, She can talk to him about the blog, about what she thinks.  She can try to engage him in conversation, and recognize it’s his own fear that causes him to cut her off / change the subject.  But he’s going to notice over time how she lightens / changes / becomes happier, because SHE is learning how to talk to “god”.  THAT is why he’s going to start reading CE in secret when she’s asleep!

LOL!  Erik just said “He’ll tell her he’s looking at porn before he tells her he’s reading CE!”  I’m laughing too because he’s managed to work a porn reference into the second entry in a row.  Entry.  Okay now we’re getting juvenile.  Dude, it is so freaking hard to keep you on track today.  OMG.

So my point with that story is the wife isn’t IMPOSING her experience on him, she’s sharing the bare minimum so that he has a clue what all her transforming (!) is about.  She’ll use a few words to invite him into her experience, and when he declines, she just teaches by example, and she has trust and FAITH that he will love her enough to walk with her when the time comes.  You know what I’m saying?

Like, someday she’s going to outgrow the relationship, if he doesn’t get off his ass?  YES!!!  Do you have any idea how many relationships spiritual growth has broken up?  WAY too many!  And it’s usually because at first, one person in the couple – let’s say it’s the GUY (because it usually is!) refuses to talk about shit that scares him, so he says something hurtful and judgmental out of his own fear shit.  But then the WIFE doesn’t ever want to get burned again, so she decides the husband just doesn’t understand her – next thing you know, the husband is saying he can’t understand why she’s changed so much!

It drives us nuts because when we have to watch this person going through spiritual growth, then they go through this grief contraction in the wake of their shattered marriage – and that is so shitty!  It’s not necessary a lot of the time, if you really work at the FEAR that is holding them both back. 

Kind of sounds like a job for a good new-age marriage counselor.

THAT is a good fuckin’ idea.  We need marriage counselors specializing in (facilitating / navigating the spiritual awakening of one party in the marriage).  Because this is NORMAL and it’s going to be happening all over the place.

Alright dude, I am getting tired.  Did you want to say anything else before we sign off?

Happy Easter!  (Erik’s dressed like an easter bunny with really big teeth.  Is there a childhood pic of him in a costume like this?  He looks like he’s eight.  It’s really cute!)


Thanks, Kate. What a GREAT post! To top it off, let’s watch what happens when Erik brings Jesus to Jamie for an interview. Without him, almost all mediums cannot bring in celebrities by themselves, certainly not the Big J himself. So, thank you, Erik, once again for making great things happen for us, and thank you, Jamie, for being his ever tolerant translator!


Now you can’t ask for a better Easter, can you?


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