Ask Erik: Dana’s Question

These next questions comes from a very worried mother who changed her original requests after a serious family crisis occurred. She was worried for good reason, though.  For me, asking such questions can be scary. I often have to hold my breath and pray as I await the response.

Because of the sensitive nature of this entry, all identifying facts have been changed.

Dana’s Question

Dear Elisa,

Thank you for your quick reply! Yes, if he is able to connect with my mother that would be amazing. I have 104 dimes I have collected from her since she died. Some of the stories are nothing short of amazing. One of the stories still makes me smile as my 16 year-old daughter was with me to see the miracle. I always knew they were from Mom, but felt no one believed me. Now they all do. I just wish she would appear to me. Your blog renewed my faith, as Mom has not been “around” as much as far as I feel. You may not know the extent to which you are helping others, but know that you and your son are really making a difference—even if you can’t “see” it. You are.


Dana, 45, Sacramento, CA

Mom’s name is Helen. She died in Rockport, TX

I’d mainly like to know why I was getting dimes/signs from her and she’s pulled back for some reason??? It’s made me sad 🙁 I would like to know who she is with there and what she’s doing–does she miss us or is she too busy—does she watch over my daughters?

Thanks Elisa. You are on my mind a lot!! God Bless!! You are an angel on earth. I really think so.


Dana’s Addendum

Dear Elisa,

I’m so sorry to be bothering you with this. My 17 year-old daughter and I just had an argument and she told me she knows she will die from suicide when she is 20 or 25 (her words) She has had severe depression since she was young. I’m laying here in tears because I know this all will end in despair. It could be tomorrow or when she is 20.

Could I please change my Erik question?  I was asking about my mom, but I am truly worried and sick about my daughter. I am wondering if I’m going to lose her to suicide. I am feeling such a gamut of emotions. I am angry with her for holding this over my head. It’s always in the back of my mind. She’s seeing doctors and counselors, but I don’t see any changes.

Her name is Allison and she is 17 years old.

Thank you for listening. I’m just a mess right now.


Channeling Transcript

Me: Next is Dana. She’s 45 years old from Sacramento, California. She’s worried about her teenage daughter, Allison. Will she commit suicide? She had an argument with Dana and told her she knew she would take her own life sometime in her 20s.

Erik: She received this message in a dream, and it was really very clear to her that this was her destiny, that this is who she was. In fact, she will try to uphold that, she’ll attempt it again to try to fulfill that destiny.

Me (dismayed): Oh, gosh, anything she can do to prevent it?

Erik: No therapy is going to help bring her out of it.

Me: No therapy?

Erik: Yeah, no psychotherapy, medication, things like that, because when she received that message, it haunted her so bad, it’s almost like she’s in control of someone else, like when she lived before. So if we’re looking at something that can bring her out of it, it’s gonna have to be past life regression. She’s gonna have to dig up the past to give her the strength to change her path on her own. This pattern doesn’t have to play out, Mom.

Me: Okay. Now is it because it’s for her soul’s evolution to experience this kind of death like that’s a death she hasn’t experienced before or maybe it’s to teach others about loss or herself about the sanctity of life or what? Is it something like this that shouldn’t be changed because it’s part of her blueprint?

Erik: There seems to be an internal struggle with her. She’s committed suicide before, so she feels like she has to play that pattern out again and again and again. People get stuck in these patterns all the time, especially self-destructive ones. So if you look into her pasts lives, you’ll probably find out that she’s committed suicide in that same age range again and again.

Me: Okay, I’ll let Dana know that.

Erik: She’ll be okay if she gets past life regression though.

Me: Oh, that’s good. I can only imagine the eggshells her mom is walking on. Now the original question Dana has is this. Her mom’s name is Helen. She died at the age of 82. So Dana keeps seeing these dimes all the time. Are they signs from her mom?

Erik (laughing): Yes. She thinks pennies are overrated!

(I laugh)

Erik: So she’s using dimes.

Me: She says at first she got them all the time, but now it seems like her mom has pulled back a bit. She’s not getting as many.

Erik: You’re right, it’s not as frequent, but she’s not really pulling back because she’s involved in other things or because she’s not interested in making that kind of contact. She’s pulling back, because she wants Dana to focus on her life instead of walking around, waiting to be reminded that they’re there.

Me: Oh, okay! Does she watch over her daughters?

Erik: Oh, Hell, yeah, all the time. She visits and hangs around Dana and her daughters all the time. And she’s trying to help give Allison guidance to break that pattern.

Me (relived): Oh good! Good!

Erik: Her daughters are hot.

Me: Some things never change with you, Erik!

Erik: Guilty.

Me: Don’t let your girlfriend know!

(Erik laughs)

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