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I can now understand, even more fully, why Erik was so “tired” a couple of days ago. Read this wonderful email I received from an obviously highly gifted and evolved reader, Damian.

Hi Elisa,

My name is Damien. I have to say yours’ and Eriks’ Blog is one of the most compelling heart warming things I have ever read. My mother suggested i read it just over a week ago and since then have caught up with all the posts and even had some interesting experiences I believe with Erik. I felt compelled to tell you about them.

I guess I should start out by letting you know my background. I’m 25 and from Ireland. My Mother has been a great spiritual teacher for me. Encouraging me to listening to our Angel guides and following my destiny. Every since I was about 13 I knew what I wanted to do with my life and have been repeatedly called and placed in situations or come across incidents where people needed help. Since then I have qualified as a Paramedic and get a deep fulfillment helping people. For the last year my Spiritual side has been getting stronger and I have gone from using angel cards to communicate with my guides to being able to clearly channel with angels. It came from a desire to talk to my two little sisters ( my guardian angels, who never made it to be full-term). I have early memories of these angels Pranking me and being close to me.

From instances of a plugged out tv turning on, and from walking down a street one night and feeling a desire to hold their hands. my hands would not close fully and heated up on this cold night. they were holding my hands as we walked. Over the last year I have left behind depression which mediums and angel guides have told me spelled from past lives. This I believe has led to enlightenment and different view on life. Most interestingly though, in the last few months I have been waiting for major changes to occur in my life, namely emigrating to Canada. I have been worried about how long this will take and have been trying to get answers from my guides. All answers are positive and soon.

On Sunday night last i was laying in bed, just after reading the blog. I felt a presence and Strong american Accent in My head. I asked out if this was Erik. He answered “yeah it is, whats up”. I then started a dialogue with him asking him about his experience and how touching the blog is. He is such a kind, genuine soul. I feel honoured to have been able to channel with him. I decided at this point to confirm it was indeed Erik. Knowing he has been practicing with energy to make his presence known, I asked him to move something. no sooner had I stopped speaking when a loud bang came from downstairs. with everyone else asleep and the cat out of the house, I knew instantly it was Erik. (the following morning I found a box on the ground which had been moved form the counter top. Just to spell disbelief, if this had of fallen by physics the box would of landed away from the counter. instead had be tucked neatly in against the counter under the ledge.) I was amazed!!!!

As my conversation continued with him, he suddenly remarked, that singer you know, shes a real catch. He was referring to my girlfriend in Canada who is a successful singer. due to long distance the realtionship is “on hold”. But Erik went on to say that we are soulmates and have been been together in past lives. He told me in my first two lives I searched for her, in my third and fourth we spent our lives together…In the sixth, I died in WW2 shortly after we met. This is my seventh life he assured me. Then the most amazing thing happened which has left me amazed, truly amazed. Erik asked me if “I wanted to know how far my girl was from me right at this moment”. I said sure….He said “she is 4056km from you right now”….then he said “go on check, I dare ya” with a real cheeky grin on his face 🙂 so I googled the distance from my address to where she was and it was 4050km. I laughed and told him i’d give him the 6km. It was incredible. I had a meeting in work over something the following morning and i was worried about it. Erik told me to “remain calm and not to worry that I wont need the job cause ill be the leaving the country soon”.

He then brought my sisters forward to talk, and he assured me my girl loved me and that she was waiting to hold me and we would be ok. he assured me im on my destiny and am suppose to be a healer.

Your Son is incredible and a true gift to this world. You both are. I thanked him and felt exhausted and went asleep. Sure enough next morning the meeting went well. I thanked him the following night. I asked him why he appears to a lot of people and helps them. He said simply ” you took the time to read my story, I wanna help you out”. I was very taken aback. He’s a true gent. He then went on to tell me that i need to cherish the time with my friends and family as ill be leaving the country very soon. The next day in your blog, you commented on how he said he was busy helping people the night before. He truly was. I sincerely hope i get to befriend Erik through channelling. I only wish I could of known him in this plane. Your family story has touched me deeply and I will forever be a supporter of you all. I certainly await urnestly the projects you and and Erik are working on. I also have added the link to my facebook.

I hope you and your family are doing well. You’re an inspiration and true gift from the angels and god to this world. I have long believed in the afterlife, reincarnation and what heaven was like. Erik and You and have confirmed everything I believe in. Thank you. It certainly makes it easier to deal with death, when we can’t save patients. I cannot say thank you enough for being strong enough and brave enough to post this blog. I cannot wait to see what further insights Erik and You have for us in our search for enlightenment.

Yours Truly


After reading this letter, I could tell that it was indeed Erik paying a visit to another reader. All I could do was cry with joy and with pride. Damien, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story.

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