NDEs and Energy Healing

Such a frustrating day! My Internet was down until just now. I had to go through a long troubleshooting process only to find that an outage with Xfinity existed and it would be corrected by 2:40 PM my time. Long after that, still no Internet. More troubleshooting, escalating up the ladder of specialists. Eventually, they figured out that, in the first troubleshooting process, they enabled bridge mode whatever the hell that means. I don’t care to know the details. I’m just want my freaking Internet.

Blog member, Christian Vazquez, created this awesome picture of Erik! Check it out!

The Woo-woo Guru

The Woo-woo Guru

And as per a grandmother’s prerogative, here’s a new video of Easton. I asked for a message from him on the eBoard and he spelled out, “I’m a lady’s man.” Already bragging!

Easton Gage Murphy Video

Me: Okay, here’s another great question. When people have NDE’s people seem to have a greater ability to channel and have more paranormal or spiritual experiences. Is this because we sort of hit a reset button when we die?

Erik: I have an angelic being beside me. I’m gonna let her take this one, because she’s asking to speak.

Me: Okay.

Angel: The answer to that is yes. In everyone, including your son and yourself, there’s a very vague remembrance. You go from lifetime to lifetime remembering just pieces of it. So when one comes over here, they’re in a whole new place, and it is clearly like pressing a reset button that triggers dormant memories of life as a free spirit.

Me: Hm, interesting. Now, I’ve heard from one reader that those who get regular Reiki are also statistically more sensitive to their guides. The Reiki masters attribute this to clearing energy blockages or areas of stagnant energy that might hinder communications with guides or angels. Is this true? Do Reiki and NDE’s sort of clear the energy channels to make it easier to communicate with spirit?

Jeannie: Okay, and this is still the angel talking.

Angel: Absolutely, and it isn’t just Reiki. It’s also with many other forms of energetic healing. Yoga can also do similar things as it’s clearing of the mind. There are energy workers that work with the chakras which is another way of clearing blocks. Channeling is a natural experience. When one is born, it’s just there. It’s there. But blocks form throughout a person’s life. It can be from their environment, their upbringing, many different things. So anything that unblocks you, anything that involves energetic healing, can bring these natural abilities back. Chiropractic work can also do this.

Me: What about EFT, the body tapping technique? Erik mentioned this as something that might help his sister, Michelle, so she’s eager to try it.

Angel: That also works. It taps certain energetic points on the body to open them up. So almost all energy workers are capable of helping someone to unblock. Acupuncture also works.

Me: Great!

Angel. Erik is right next to me listening and learning. Oh, I need to tell you too what an incredible son you have. He is just a welcome addition to this world, and we all love him dearly.

Me: Aw!

Angel: You know everyone, everyone who is born on the earth has a guardian angel. Learning to connect to your angel, to ask and recognize the love, can also release energy blocks.

Me: Do I have lots of energy blockages? Would I benefit from EFT too?

Jeannie: Okay, she’s asking Erik to speak. You know, it’s interesting. This seems almost like a training session.

Me (chuckling): Oh my gosh! It’s like a brand new waiter trainee shadowing a veteran one.

Jeannie: Yeah, He’s almost like apprenticing. She’s standing next to him, and she’s asking him to take this question because he knows you.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It would help, Mom. EFT would help. As put together as I always thought you were—you always seem so in control of everything and of your life, and you’re doing so much good for people—but there’s a sadness there too. Not anger, but kind of a sadness at times, so yes, this would help.

Me: Yeah, I don’t really feel any anger. In fact I can’t remember the last time I felt angry about anything.

Erik: No, here’s what I’m getting from you. Occasionally, there’s a very deep sadness. Occasionally—not always—occasionally it kind of settles in.

Me: Oh, yeah.


Me (solemnly): Sure, as you can imagine, gosh.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: One more question about energy blocks. Are babies able to see the discarnate souls because they haven’t yet built up any areas of blocked or stagnant energy? Is that one of the reasons, anyway?

Erik: I know the answer to that, Mom!

Me (laughing): Oh yay! I can just see him raising his hand saying, “Pick me! pick me!”!

Jeannie laughs too.

Erik: Yes! Children, oh they so often see angels, and they can speak to them too! Their dreams are usually vivid and beautiful.



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