The Seven Planes

Channeling Transcript

Me: Now, I hear there are seven planes between the physical earth and the Source. Is that true? Seven dimensional planes. Are those the same as astral planes? I’m. So. Confused.

Erik: Yeah, dimensional and astral are the same.

Me: Where am I?

Erik: On the planes?

Me: Yeah. Do you have to be deceased or in the spiritual realm to be on those planes, or—

Erik: Okay, people pass through several planes once they cross over. I’m pretty sure the earth is on the third dimensional or astral plane, so there are places of higher vibrations and places of lower ones.

Me: Ew, I can’t imagine lower ones than earth.

Jeannie: I know! The lower ones are pretty heavy!

Erik: So you’re on the third out of seven.

Me: So maybe The Shift will help boost of out of the 3rd dimension, bumping us up a notch or two.

Erik: That’s exactly the purpose. Everything’s been leading up to this shift.

Me: So, after the seventh vibrational plane, then there’s Source? Or are there some other dimensions that are not called astral?

Erik: No, there’s Source.

Me: Yeah, us humans have to label everything, don’t we? I bet that gets irritating.

Erik: It’s hard for you all to imagine eternity, and that’s why we use names sometimes, like those in Angelic Realm often give themselves names. It’s easier for humans to connect to something that’s named, but we don’t need names here. 

Me: So, Erik, do you have a guide where you are? If so, what name does he or she go by?

Erik: I have a lot of guides.

Me (laughing): Ah, you need all the help you can get, eh? You and me both!

Erik (chuckling): Well, me more than you now!

Me: I don’t know about that!

Jeannie: He’s laughing hard!

Erik: I’m going to school to learn how to work better with you and how to connect with other beings, both light and of the earth.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Of the spiritual and of the earth. 

Jeannie laughs at what she’s about to translate from him.

Erik (with great pride): I’m going to be an instructor! I just know it!

Jeannie and I laugh at his boyish charm and confidence.

Me: Oh, how cute!

Erik: I’m going to be instructing others who are just coming over. So there are teachers, guides, angels, um, I can give you names if you want, but it’s all energy. Everyone recognizes everyone else through their energy.

Me: Nah, don’t worry then. Names are just a human thing. Okay, here’s a quick one. Microtubules in the cells—there is some evidence that these may be the origin of consciousness.

Jeannie: Micro—?

Me: Microtubules. They’re in all of our cells.

Erik: Yes, that’s true. It’s sort of an anchoring system too. It’s how the soul or consciousness anchors to the physical body.  

Me: Does consciousness have substance?

Erik: Well, it’s energy just like everything else in existence.

(This was totally in line with what he said through Jamie in the May 20th post!)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Thanks for sending prayers and healing to my father. He’s a bit better today!



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