The Story of Two Angels

As many of you know, Elizabeth Taylor recently died. Yesterday, while perusing Victor Zammit’s wonderful website, I found this very short interview with her describing her near death experience. In hearing her voice and sensing her being, clearly she was and is a beautiful being.

Elizabeth Taylor’s NDE

And now, I’d like to share another inspiring video about yet another angel. This one was sent to me by new blog member, Victoria. The story is enthralling and full of love and hope.

Autism Angel: Carly Fleischmann

One more thing, I’d like to thank you all for helping Stanley and Sandra. I couldn’t be more proud. I know it doesn’t do your acts of kindness justice, but I’d like to extend a small gift nonetheless: an audio clip of the channeling session where Erik brings forward River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain. If you have suggestions for other questions to ask deceased celebrities in general, don’t hold back! Love you all!

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