When Visits From Loved Ones Wane

Note, this is from a session on May 17th, 2011. Tomorrow, Chris Farley takes the stage, so just brace yourself and wear a kidney belt so you don’t crack a rib laughing!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Here’s one from a blog member. Is the “hollow earth” theory accurate?

Erik: As far as I know, it’s solid.

Me: So no “hollow earth”?

Erik: Correctamundo.

Me: Okay. Let’s switch gears here. How can I learn to see you, Erik? I get the smells, the pranks, the goosebumps, but I’d give anything to see you!

Erik: I think the best way is to literally sit in a dark room with your eyes open, Mom.

Me: Any more tips? Do I concentrate on the brow chakra, look cross-eyed, stand on my head, burn snake oil over birch branches or what?

Jamie (chuckling): He’s laughing.

Erik: No, no. Just get in a room where you don’t have a lot to distract your eyes with, then softly open them, kinda keep them a little unfocused—

Me: Okay.

Erik: Cuz you can’t keep them focused on one particular item.

Me: The most thing you need to learn is how to protect yourself when you’re doing that kind of work so you’re not attracting other entities to come to the plate.

Me: Hm.

Erik (chuckling): You seriously don’t want to do that!

Me: No! Of course not. So I guess I have to shield myself somehow?

Erik: Yeah. Just do it with white light. Keep it simple.

Me: Okay. Now, why do visits from our deceased loved ones die off after a while?

Erik: Oh, there are several reasons, Mom. It could be the contract is over; they no longer need each other to lean on or support. It could be because of the human’s grief pattern. Maybe it’s too much for them, and staying in contact is only ruining the human’s life instead of helping and supporting them. Or it could be that their grief is completely over, so they no longer need that kind of connection to remind them that there are no goodbyes and that there is life after life, and love is yada, yada, yada.

Jamie giggles.

Erik: It can also be because the spirit has decided to cease contact because they want to put their efforts into another life structure, reincarnation.

Me: All right. But we can still contact a reincarnated being through a channel, right?

Erik: Yes, of course. Because look, Mom, remember what we talked about that past, present and future are happening all at once?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So a channel who understands that can usually tap into the entity in the afterlife even when the personality you knew during his or her life with you has incarnated elsewhere. But I’m not incarnating any time while you’re on the earthly plane, Mom. Oh, and actually, some spirits, when they’ve incarnated into a baby, like maybe in that same family he was in before, can go out of body while the baby is sleeping and visit the old family members. Maybe he or she used to be a son or daughter and is now grandkid, and they can communicate in some way with their old mom or dad or siblings, whatever, while the baby is asleep. But usually it is through a channel.

Me: Okay. Now, I notice I don’t get as many visits from you for a while. Which one of those reasons apply in my case, to our situation?

Erik (sheepishly): Well, I know I shouldn’t use “busy” as an excuse, but as I broaden the lesson of what the two of us are doing, I find that I don’t have to do the big whoop-dee-dos with you anymore.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I can see that you understand that I’m always going to be around.

Me: Yeah, but a nice visit every once in a while would be great!

GOOSEBUMPS ALERT: As I transcribe this last sentence and the one that follows, I feel the most intense goosebumps on my left leg that I’ve ever felt. I know he’s right beside me, confirming his eternal presence. Ah, how happy that makes me!

Erik: I’m hearing ya, and I’ll follow through.

Me (tearfully): Oh, good, Baby.

Since then, I blessed by many timely goosebump greetings. That seems to be one of his favorite calling cards to friends and family. Thanks Erik!

By the way, Sharon Crawford, the host of our recent interview, enjoyed Erik so much that she’s decided to allow us all to download and replay the interview indefinitely! How generous is that?! Thanks, Sharon.

Also, I wanted to mention again that the Channeling Erik Weekend will be hosted in Austin by Jamie on February 24th through the 26th. Details to follow. I plan to bring most of my family, so you’ll get to meet the entire Medhus clan, including Arleen!

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