Channeling Session with Erik, Part Two

To continue where we left off in the most recent channeling session with Erik through psychic medium, Kim O’Neill, I pose questions meant to provide details of the abilities and characteristics of souls in the afterlife.

I ask, ‘Erik, do you have your five senses? Can you taste and smell and touch and so on?’

“If I choose to, sure.” Then Erik abruptly interjects with reassuring promises for me. “Mom! Mom, I’ll promise you this. I promise I will be here when you get here. And I’m going to come to you in lucid dreams and in those dreams I’m going to say, ‘Mom, you wanna rub my hair?’ ‘Mom, you wanna kiss me?’ ‘Mom, you wanna hug me?’ I’ll let you do whatever you want!” I find this both heartwarming and funny, because, when he was alive, he almost always shirked my kisses and hugs once he became a teenager. I can’t entirely blame him, because I tend to be very sappy and overly affectionate so he had to work hard to dodge my puckered lips, my outstretched arms and my requests for him to snuggle in my lap. I know this promise is in reference to this.

Erik continues, “I’ve already set aside time for you, and I’ve told everybody that I’ve set aside time for you to kiss me and hug me and have me sit on your lap, and rub my hair.”

‘Okay, pencil me in to your schedule, Erik. Put me on your dance card, whatever!” I say with a chuckle.

“Mom, people over here think I’m being kind of big-headed to think that I’m going to be the first one you want to see over here. But we both know, don’t we? We’re soul mates!”

‘Yes, I know, Erik. I’ve always known.’

After a moment of reveling in our mutual feelings of love and closeness, I proceed with my next question:

‘Do you sleep, Erik?’

“No. I wasn’t crazy about sleeping when I was there!”

‘Well you sure did a lot of it!’ I exclaim in disbelief.

“Oh, I would do it when I had to or when I felt really depressed to sort of escape things, but there were too many things to do when I was there. You remember how I used to like to stay up, Mom? Then I’d sleep when I fell into an exhausted stupor. I always liked the idea of never having to sleep so I could stay busy, so now that I never have to, I love it! And you know what? I think it’s weird that some spirutal beings here choose to sleep cuz they like it and they enjoy it, but I don’t understand that. I think it’s a waste of time. Not that time is the same in Heaven. It isn’t.”

Kim asks a question of her own. “So what do you do, Erik, when your mom and dad and your siblings are all asleep at night?”

“Oh! Well, I work on my bike, I go swimming with my friends, I go tubing, I go snowboarding. I’ve taken that up now, snowboarding. Oh, I do a lot of stuff. I either work on something mechanical, or I do something really active. I have a blast! I’ve made a bunch of new friends! They all passed from the earthly plane somewhere from the age of 13 all the way to like 28, 29, male and female and we just have a blast. Sometimes it’s hard to get together, because we’re all so active, but I’m trying to teach them about how important it is to keep in communication with the loved ones they left behind. You know what, Mom? Some of ‘em never even thought about that! They never thought about it. They’re like ‘Well, you mean my parents and siblings would wanna keep talking to me?’ and I’m like, ‘Well fuck yes!! Yeah!’ So I’m encouraging them. You know where I got that idea, Mom? From you!”

‘Aw, Erik, now you’re helping people on both sides!’ I say with pride.

“Yeah and he has a message for his dad,” Kim announces.

“Tell Pappa I always knew he loved me, and I know he stills loves me”

“He’s showing me this,” Kim says. “He showing me he’s giving his dad this kind of handshake where they’re not just traditionally shaking hands. It’s like this buddy-buddy handshake.

I laugh heartily because I know exactly the handshake he’s referring to. He and Rune had this funny handshake that’s impossible to describe completely in words. All I can say is, imagine a used car salesman on a lot in Texas wearing cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a suit and bolo tie. When he greets his potential prey in a Texas drawl, his arm is at a 90 degree angle at the elbow below waist level as he shoots it forward toward his victim like a heat seeking missile. You gotta be there.

Erik continues, “Tell Pappa I know he loves me, and he’s the best dad I could have had. Tell him he’s been my father in some past lifetimes, and I chose him this lifetime, because I knew he would help me and he did. He did. Pappa has these moments. I call them black moments. Tell Pappa I’ll teach him how to snowboard!” Always skilled with his comic relief!

‘Erik, how exactly do you visit us in dreams?’ I ask.

“Through electrical energy. You know how you can communicate telepathically where my thoughts or words can pop into your head? It’s one step beyond that. We use our electrical energy to manifest physically in a dream state, and then there’s a step beyond that where we can manifest physically while you’re awake. It’s a whole lot easier when you’re sleeping.”

‘Well, give me specifics. Do you clench your fists and grunt or what?’ I ask insistently.

He chuckles and says, “I conjure up this feeling of goosebumps so that it’s so strong, the more you practice the stronger it gets, and it gets so strong I can’t stand it anymore and it’s like “pop” I’m there in your dream. It’s like I’m inside your head, but I’m also outside of you. It took me a little while to figure out how I can be inside your head but also outside of you at the same time, but now it’s real easy.”

“So Erik,” Kim asks, “can Elisa visit you, say, while she’s awake or about to go to sleep? Can she say ‘my soul is going to leave my body tonight and I’m going to Heaven to visit Erik.’”


“How can she do that?”

“Just talk to her soul and tell her soul that’s what she wants to do.” (I can almost hear him say ‘Duh!’)

I find this remark interesting because I have recently begun to practice extending my consciousness to him. I tell Kim, ‘Lately I’ve been practicing visualizing his face and wrapping my arms around him, my soul around his, and I feel something, an electrical connection.’

Erik says, “I really feel that tangibly. Mom, you can really do that! You’re doing that!”

‘Oh, that’s wonderful!’ I exclaim. ‘So Erik, what are the different abilities between incarnate and discarnate souls? What can you guys do on the spiritual plane that we can’t do here? I know that your thoughts can create reality a lot faster, right?’

“Three things are the biggest differences. Number one, we don’t have any issues over here. Number two, we can manifest immediately whatever we want. Number three, we all act at the highest level of our being. There is no awareness of hunger or thirst, being too cold or two hot.”

‘Do you feel cold and hot?’

“Only if we choose to. Like I’m going to Norway with you guys during spring break, and I’ll love feeling the brisk temperatures. I don’t have to. I could be snowboarding and feel no temperature at all.”

‘That must be awesome!’ I say.

“Well, it’s cool, but it’s sort of fun being there too, on Earth, because you make your own way, and it’s sort of cool having no control over most things. It’s sort of cool, and that’s why beings come back, not only to work on their levels of enlightenment and contribute to the lives of other people but also because it’s real exciting in a perverse way to let go of control and just be a part of something bigger than we are while we’re there. And then you know what’s so funny, Mom? We get there and all we do is bitch and moan and piss and complain!”

I laugh in acknowledgment, saying, ‘That is so funny, Erik!’

Kim adds, “You know, that’s so funny, because you completely surrender and you do so with a bang when your soul goes into the body of an infant that is completely helpless! Wow!”

‘Wow, yeah that’s so true!’ I agree.

There’s a lot to digest in this short segment, so I’ll save more for the next entries where we will continue to discover, with Erik’s newfound insight, what it’s like to be in spirit. Register to receive announcements for those future posts!

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  • Jan

    I am so incredibly captivated by your blog – especially today. I have always felt a little uneased by the fact that I constantly feel like I’m missing something really big. I’ve always felt surrounded (by ?) though nothing that I could say was tangible to me. I have these moments when I’m trying to REALLY get someones attention, every part of my being gets covered in goosebumps, and I have to say I get a reaction of some type from the person it was directed towards. ie: when my son stopped an inch short of running into a pole at full speed when he wasn’t watching where he was going. My girlfriend felt my energy and commented on how weird that was. When I read this today about the goosebumps…I was stunned, that was exactly how it felt! I would love to know my guides and reconnect with family that have passed on. I’m saddened by your loss but in awe of your new ability…’s so very special. Your blogs have become a special part of my day, my trivial thoughts have been let go and I feel reassured that there is so much more out there than what is tangible. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Hugs to you and yours,

    • I thank you for your comments, Jan. I think everyone realizes the truth on a soul level. It’s undeniable. But the fact that you emitted some sort of energy is amazing. You’ve got to have some sort of gift! I’m wondering if your friend has a gift too, since she was able to pick up on that energy. That’s so cool! At the very least, you’re both probably very evolved souls. Wow.

  • Jan

    Thank you Elisa. Such kinds words….I can only hope so. I’ve recently lost a very special family member quite suddenly and am looking forward to when we’ll be able to ask Erik questions again.

    • I’m going to try really hard to get more channeling sessions, I promise. You can try to channel Erik yourself if you want. He actually visited one of the readers the other day at night and gave her a message. He’s getting really good at it. He might be able to help bring forth that family member to you. He’s not omnipotent, though. Maybe you can find one of the entries that have a video of him, get an idea of his voice, then at night when things are quiet, ask him to communicate with you. Ask him specific questions and see if you can pick up his voice in your head. He might answer you while you’re awake or he might come to you in a dream. Worth a try.

  • Yahaira

    I love his sence of humor and his smartness too. I can tell his is like an old soul, meaning that he shows experience that its obvious he has acomulated throut time. Uh…

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Amazing info her Elisa!! I love hearing about what it i slike there.I am glad to hear that it is so enjoyable. They do like it here then. I knew they did. But, it is so nice that he and them have a good time. That means my family are having a blast too. Thanks so much!!xx

  • Beth


  • DraganSerbia

    This is the best part: “We get there and all we do is bitch and moan and piss and complain!”

    Nice said..

  • Talk about enlightenment and ah-ha moments here. Him saying that being here on earth is being a part of something really of no control. It puts so much things into perspective. I feel so much more smarter with every blog post. They are just re affirming everything i have ever thought and learned to be true of the other side. Its almost to overwhelming. I have a few people I am more actively going to try to seek out now from the other side thanks to Erik! I feel like its more possible now. I feel like screaming out “Thank you God”, but um no its thank you Erik, and his mom for writing this blog!

  • Lisa Fairhurst

    I too lost my son to suicide 18 months ago. He was 29 years old and a father to two young children.
    We don’t know if he was ill, as it happened so quickly, without prior warning. It was shocking and horrifying. I think, in all honesty, that we are still in shock.
    He came to me once in a dream. It was lucid and wonderful.
    I have asked him to PLEASE visit me again in my dreams.
    Your book and this blog has given me hope.
    Thank you
    Lisa x

    • Aw, sweetie, I’m here for you. I hope you read through the archives over time. It will help. There are posts that teach you ways to communicate with your son. There’s no reason why you can’t continue to have a relationship with him. He’s the same only whole and happy, without a body and in a parallel dimension on top of hours. Sending you love and prayers.

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