Celestial Beings and Meeting Your Evil Twin

Channeling Transcript

Me: Are angels different from the spirits of the deceased? Are there special “celestial beings” that never live on the earthly plane and don’t reincarnate?

Erik: Yes! Oh, hell yes!

Me: Oh, okay. Are there different orders and types of angels? Can you give me a short run down on all this?

Erik: Types or orders? There are just beautiful spirits and energies of people who have decided that they’re not gonna incarnate on a trapped body on earth.

Me: Hm, sounds like a bunch of chicken to me. I wanna sign up for that cushy little job.)

Jamie laughs.

Erik (chuckling): Really!

Me: So are these different energies, or are they special based on their decision to remain discarnate?

Erik (laughing): Different energies like—

(Long pause as Jamie listens and giggles at the same time)

Jamie (laughing): No, Erik!

Erik: Like these are all red-headed people over here and these are teeny weenie little angels that beelive in saving animals, and these are—no, it doesn’t all revolve around logging information, sorting, labeling.

Me: Okay.

Erik: They can be entities from a higher plane who associate with other spiritual beings, or it can just be a soul that’s born that doesn’t want to be a part of earth. Maybe they counsel spirits who come back, or help in other ways. They do contribute, you know.

Me: So, they’re mostly different from the spirits of deceased, because of their decision of what role to take and whether to reincarnate or not?

Erik: Right.

Me: So, there aren’t any specific types or orders? They just distinguish themselves by the roles they play?

Erik: They’re distinguished by their roles, yes.

Me: Okay, here’s another one. When we dream, do we travel to alternate probable realities, past and future lives, and can we meet our other selves?

Erik: Yeah.

(Pause as I wait, in vain, for Erik to expound)

Me: Cool! So can one of our selves meet another self in the same life?


Jamie: Oh, that was really cool! He says, yes.

Me: Oh, wow! Well, we can look different, I suppose. It’s like “Back to the Future.”

Erik: It is like that, isn’t it, but it’s in a way so that you won’t interfere with anything.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Cuz often, you’re not going to recognize yourself.

Me: Can you give me more, Erik? I feel like I’m milking a cow again.

Erik: Shit, you haven’t milked any cows!

Jamie and I laugh. Little smartass.

Erik: Coming across yourself in another dimension or another timeframe—usually you’re living a different life; you have a totally different name, totally different awareness, and this happens more than you can imagine, in the wake state and the dream state.

Me: But usually while you’re in the dream state, right?

Erik: Correct.

Me: Okay, now one person wants to know, “Can we start a chat room, Erik, and you can type on a keyboard and talk to blog members?” After all, you CAN push over a cat!

Jamie (laughing): Yes!

Erik: I’ve been doing really well, getting into blog members’ meditations, thoughts, dreams. I’ve been doing my due diligent work; you’d be so proud me!

Me: Oh, I AM very proud of you, and I see that. Oh my gosh, you’re going all over the place, visiting so many people. Everybody always loves to share their Erik Visits! They call you, “Our Boy.”

Jamie: Awww, that’s so sweet!

Me: Yeah. Such a loving community.



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