Terrorism According to Erik

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, Erik. One last little question this time. About this whole terrorist thing. What the heck? What’s going to happen with all that? What can we do to solve the terrorist problem?

Erik: Well, one thing to do is get the Americans, uh, give everybody their rights back. The more you take away from the masses, the stronger a few in the governments become and the weaker everyone else is.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: The best way to handle terrorism is to create—

(Long pause as Jamie listens)

Jamie: Wow, that’s an interesting thought, Erik!

Erik: —to create groups—I guess you could consider them prayer groups—and give love and acceptance and peace, and wrap them in white light. Then watch them calm down, see them wanting peace, see them backing away. Or see them harming themselves and not being able to harm anyone else, so they’ll self-destruct.

Jamie: But the way Erik said it or showed it to me was like an energy/emotional war. You know, we send our love over—


Jamie (laughing): Like laser beams! Froooom, frooom, Frooom!

Me: The frickin’ laser!

Jamie: It actually destroys and harms and dismantles them.

Me: Good! Well, I mean, we’re not making anything better by being over there. I think that makes things worse, putting troops into their territory. I think that’s not good.

Erik: You’re right. Give everybody their rights back.

Me: Everybody in those countries or in our country too?

Erik: Our country too.

Me: You’re talking about the rights that the U.S. Government has taken away, right?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Because I’m not sure how we could force or convince the leaders in countries like Iran to give their people back their rights.

Erik: No, that’s up to their citizens.

Me: So what kind of epiphany does a suicide bomber have, if any, after they get to the afterlife and figure out there are no—well, I take that back, maybe there are 72 virgins, I don’t know. Someone told me that the suicide bombers probably misunderstood, that really there were 72 VERSIONS of their mothers-in-law waiting for them.

Jamie (laughing): That’s pretty funny!

Erik: Um, that suicide bomber, what did they get out of it? Mom, for them it’s like a mission completion. That’s what they feel at first—like this satisfaction that they did what they were told to do and they finished it. So when they first cross over, they’re still on that mission. They’re still waiting for somebody to give them additional orders, to tell them what to do.

Me: Mmm.

Erik: Because that’s how they best worked while they were alive.

Me: Well, do they eventually realize that they’ve killed innocent beings?

Erik (Very somberly): Oh, yeah.

Me: So what do they do when they finally realize the absurdity and the tragedy of their actions?

Erik: Of course they’re all so independently different in the way they react, but most of them, when they realize, is full on repentance. Mom, it’s so sad to see that they chose a life to be so blinded. And they feel like they’ve been robbed.

Me: Wow.

Erik: But over here, we remind them that they played a role that the world needed to experience.

Me: Ah! So a lot of it is like a spiritual contract with the collective?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay.

Erik: A lot of the fear and destruction, we totally ask for it ourselves. People think it’s done by this one person, this one evil person. It’s not true. That one person comes into power, because so many people are looking for a villain.

Me: Like Hitler.

Erik: Yeah, like him. It wasn’t all his fault, Mom.

Me: Yeah, of course not. We help to create these villains and the conditions through which they’ll thrive as a collective, I guess in part because we want to experience different things as a collective. You know, there’s so much chaos now in the world, and it makes me feel like we’re on the brink of some sort of shift—a positive shift, hopefully.

Erik: Yeah, there are going to be a lot of positive shifts, but there’s also going to be a lot of—people who are wanting to leave out of pure fear.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: People will commit suicide just before 2012—

Me: Wow.

Erik: —because they just won’t be able to handle thinking that the earth might crumble and fall apart.

Me: Oh, my goodness. So, terrorists cross over, go through their life review, and think, “Well, I repent,” but also it was part of their spiritual contract, so how can you reconcile those two things?

Erik: They figure it out themselves. They repent, then they realize it was all a part of a bigger plan.

Me: Why do we, the collective, want to experience all this terrorist stuff? What’s the purpose?

Erik: Humans only know how to measure good if there’s bad in the world.

Me: Okay.

Erik: That’s something we really have to get over.

Me: Yeah, well, that’s why we’re here—for the duality—so we’ll understand things like love on a deeper level.

Erik: But most people can’t do the love and the good without finding some kind of hatred or deceit—and even—I find it so odd, Mom, the people who are really good at the love and enlightenment bit, then somebody will come up and completely consider them pussies for being so happy!

Me: I know!

Erik: Yeah, you know, like they have to “toughen up!”

Me: Yeah, I get that a lot. Been called a softie, a Pollyanna looking at everything and everyone through rose-colored glasses. You had the same thing happen to you, Erik, since people made fun of you for being so sweet and affectionate.

Erik: Yes, and that’s complete nonsense, Mom. WE have it right! That’s human enlightenment right there, being alive and enjoying the part about LOVE.

Me: Exactly! So the whole terrorist thing is to show us the duality between hatred and love, and maybe when we send them prayers of love and wrap them in white light, maybe that’s the thought and behavior their egregious acts were meant to elicit.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Bring out the frickin laser!

Jamie and Erik laugh.

Me: Okay, Sweetie, thank you for a wonderful session Jamie and Erik. I’ll talk to you next month. Until then, I love you, Baby, as always.

Erik: Thanks, Mom. I love you too.

Me: Bye.

Jamie and Erik: Bye.

Frickin' Laser

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