Terrorism According to Erik

Channeling Transcript Me: Okay, Erik. One last little question this time. About this whole terrorist thing. What the heck? What’s going to happen with all that? What can we do to solve the terrorist problem? Erik: Well, one thing to do is get the Americans, uh, give everybody their rights back. … Continue reading

Duke’s Mixture

Lots of things to discuss in this entry. Please be forgiving, because there will be no spell or grammar check. If there is anthing glaring, spare me the embarrassment and let me know so I can change it! First, I'd like to thank Shannon for setting up the first conference chat for the channeling … Continue reading

More About the Afterlife

Before we share more on the nature of the afterlife, I have a quick announcement. As I said before, we have a new forum. The old one had too many glitches. Also, the new one allows us to upload images! Jason very kindly and expertly added some interesting topics, so I hope you take the time to … Continue reading