Another Erik Prank and the Universal Language of the Afterlife

Today, Erik came by to wish our housekeeper, Maria, a Happy Birthday. As you may already remember, Maria has been in our lives since Erik was 16 months old. The love between my children and her has always been undyingly strong, and Erik, in particular, enjoyed talking her ear off, teasing her, and giving her warm hugs.

Maria was alone with Erik on that dreadful day. She heard the gunshot and was the first to see him dead. Since then, Erik has tried to make it up to her with little signs, touches and smells. Today, as Maria was cleaning the stovetop, the Viking downdraft vent rose up from the counter, then slowly retracted. I looked over from the couch in amazement. She was nowhere near the controls. As she gazed stock still  with mouth agape, the vent went rose and retracted at least two or three more times. Maria and I both felt his presence strongly. Clearly, he was giving her a Happy Birthday wave.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Do they have a universal language where you are, Erik? I mean, how do souls speak over there?

Erik: It’s kinda the same as telepathy, but it has to do more with feeling what’s being said. Feelings are energy based and we are energy so… Mouths don’t move.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Well of course! It’s not like we have real lips and vocal cords and stuff! We don’t need that. There’s a lot to say about—oh, let me just show you.

(Long pause)

Jamie: Ah! That was a really cool visual.

Me: Hm!

Jamie: Um, if you can imagine a person standing in a room and all of the thoughts and words and how they feel are rotating around them, almost like a solar system.

Me: Uh, huh.

Jamie: And so when another person walks up to them, all of the information is accessible.

Me: Wow!

Jamie: It doesn’t have to be translated.

Erik: Yeah, it’s like information is coded in energy. Information is energy and vice versa. So since we’re all energy, including you guys, all that information is accessible, but it’s more freely accessible between souls over here. How do you think psychics channel or tap into the past or present? How does someone in the car next to you at a stop light sense when you’re watching him pick his nose and then turns to look at you?

Me: Oh!

Erik: It can be felt, merged with, communicated in many different ways. But telepathic, well, I guess that’s the best way I know how to explain it, Mom.

Me: This is all so fascinating, Erik. Thank you, my love.

Before I close, I’d like send out loving birthday wishes to my youngest daughter, Annika on this, her 16th year of life. She’s been through a lot in those short years yet has chosen to grow rather than wither in the face of that adversity. Annika, you are brilliant, loving, loyal, compassionate, independent, creative, and…let’s see, I’m sure there are several adjectives I missing. You know who and what you are, my little angel. I love you infinity.

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