Arleen’s Spiritual Gifts

I find it awe-inspiring how spiritually connected most children are. They have their imaginary friends; they talk to deceased; they astral travel. It’s a shame that we often douse those spiritual flames with criticism and ridicule.

My grand daughter, Arleen, has been demonstrating a huge increase in her psychic gifts lately. For instance, she continues to astral travel as depicted in an earlier post describing how she saw “Rootie the Pig” in Cat Spring, Texas 24 hours before anyone else knew she was there. Recently, she also joined her Uncle Lukas in a lucid dream, traveling around in the ethers with him. Just before that, she even astral traveled in the house to spy on him. Here’s what went down: After a visit with my parents, Arleen was so exhausted that she was asleep in her car seat before I could even finish buckling her in. When we got to my house, she never once woke up as I took her upstairs to her Tinker Bell bed, snuggled her up in her covers and closed the door. A half an hour later, Lukas came home from school, nuked himself a bowl of soup, scarfed it down, and went upstairs to his bedroom. After a couple of hours, I could hear Arleen knocking on her door, calling my name. When I opened the door and swooped her up into my arms, her first words were, “Lukas made some soup.” There is no way she could have known. Clearly, her consciousness flits freely from one area to another with no effort at all. I wish she could teach me how to do the same.

She also seems to be in touch with her past lives. Not long ago, I asked Erik whether or not there was a connection between Arleen and my father, because even when she was barely old enough to toddle around, she followed him everywhere. Poor guy couldn’t have a moment of peace with her hot on his heels. Indeed, Erik said that centuries ago, Arleen was his daughter living somewhere in the south of France. Her mother had died during or shortly after childbirth, leaving the two of them all alone. Every day, they would take walks together, Arleen following behind my dad (or hers at that point.) They were extremely close, and he was very protective of her. Well, the other day, at the end of our visit with my parents, she went up to my father, threw her arms around him and said, “Bye, Daddy. I love you.” He was overcome with love and awe.

Arleen’s connection with Erik seems to be strengthening as well. While we drive around on our errands, she’ll talk to him, directing her focus to the seat next to hers. As we walk in the parking lots, she extends her arm and asks him to hold her hand. One day, she talked him into joining us on a trip to McDonald’s and held his hand during the entire drive, the walk through the parking lot, and the wait at the cash register. Then, she invited him to play on the play structure with her. She had quite the conversation with him before I realized I should be catching the moment on tape. Enjoy what I did capture!

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