Arleen’s Spiritual Gifts

I find it awe-inspiring how spiritually connected most children are. They have their imaginary friends; they talk to deceased; they astral travel. It's a shame that we often douse those spiritual flames with criticism and ridicule. My grand daughter, Arleen, has been demonstrating a huge increase … Continue reading

ET, Phone Home

A quick note about Lukas: He's still having a lot of pain. He's not been very forthcoming about it, because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I told him that these things take time, so he must be honest and patient. Two hard things for a teenage boy. Throughout my life, I've felt like an … Continue reading

Seeing Spirits, 101

This morning, I realized the media gallery plug-in was deactivated. Hmm. Maybe Erik is playing shy and doesn't want all the attention. Nahhhhh. Anyway, if you'd like to view photos and videos, click on the "Media Gallery" tab on the top of the Home Page. Here's the link: … Continue reading