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Since I won’t be posting over these holidays (both Thursday and Friday), I want to take the opportunity to tell you all I’m so thankful to have you as my friends. You’ve gotten me through some really rough patches, and for that, I’m grateful. I wish you all a Thanksgiving full of grateful reflection and love. 

Enjoy this as always amazing post from Kate!


Erik, my most excellent homeboy!  What is goin’ on?

Kate, you forgot to take out the garbage this morning.

(I do a double-check to make sure that’s not my brain intruding on the space.)

Naw, I had to get that out of the way so there’s room in here.  F the garbage!  You worry so much – I had to make some damn brain space by getting this out of the way!

Huh, I didn’t realize I still had that in the back of my head.  It’s too late to do anything about it now.  Erik persists in fussing around – tells me to get a sweater then tells me to get a drink of water, then eat something.  I’m still half-asleep this morning and I guess I’m disconnected from what my body needs / wants.

Coffee f’s you up too.  (I have had a lot of coffee this morning.)  Feels like I’m sitting on a jackhammer!  Aren’t you hippies supposed to be drinking green tea?  It’s much better for you.  Keeps the wrinkles away! 

Erik asks me to share what I’m doing right now to make the connection with him stronger – I hum.  Humming is a great way for me to control my frequency.  When I hum, it feels like I’m taking chaotic static and getting all the little atoms to calm down and work together.

Erik says, Yeah, it’s like you have a huge crowd at a Weird Al concert.  Everyone’s going nuts (shows me a packed amphitheatre and the general static crackle of the vast crowd cheering and applauding.)  When you add music, (Shows how the crowd immediately synchronizes and starts clapping in unison along with the beat and swaying in unison.)  It’s the same thing on an atomic / electrical level, you’re synchronizing all the energy waves so they can build on the power rather than cancel each other out.  It’s like a pace-maker for your whole body.

 I also find it helpful to change the note I’m humming to a lower frequency if I’m trying to ground or calm myself or my environment, and to hum a rising series of notes if I’m trying to establish or strengthen the connection between myself and a spirit who’s coming through at a very high frequency.  Sometimes I can’t even perceive certain spirits until I’ve done this humming a few times.

Sound therapy is underrated, and it’s REALLY useful.  It’s useful in processing trauma, like for post traumatic stress disorder.  And it’s most useful if you’re sitting in water, like a swimming pool or a bath tub.  Some dudes will feel better if they’re doing laps in a swimming pool and hum with every breath they push out under water.  Some women are gonna feel better if they’re humming in a bubble bath.  It just depends on who you are – some people need to combine physical activity with humming to really get the full benefit.

It’s so important to understand how to heal yourself. 

I sit in silent agreement with Erik for a few moments, feeling the weight of this last statement.

You remember how I was saying that sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better?  Sometimes when you’re fixing something in your life, like a relationship or a shitty job, sometimes you have to like, (ewwww he shows me lancing a boil) and it gets smelly and messy and looks so much worse before it actually starts to heal? 

Let me see if I can find that past entry… right, it was the Rut Busting entry: http://www.channelingerik.com/rut-busting/

Here’s the paragraph he wants:

* It  might look like things are getting WORSE for a while because that’s what it feels like for a second when you stop hiding from the flying shit and just face it.  BUT!  Once you nut up and face it, you can at least start taking steps out of the spray. *

It’s like that with more than money, it can be like that with health too, especially if you’re trying to break a negative cycle.  Like, say you’re a control freak… (he cocks his eyebrows at me significantly and takes a looooong pause, like “this one’s for YOU KATE!”) it really sucks to stop controlling things so much and watch shit fall apart that you KNEW you were holding together with your SHEER WILL and SUPERWOMAN ORGANIZATION!  But if it’s making you sick, you can’t afford to be that organized, sorry!  You just have to watch it fall apart and then realize!  (he gasps and makes this histrionic OH MY GOD face) THE WORLD DIDN’T END WHEN YOU STOPPED TRYING TO CONTROL IT.

That’s just an example, I’m not tryin’ to pick on you, Kate.  (winks)

Physical health though, for the majority of people who weren’t born with a major health issue as part of their Life Challenge! (He says it like it’s a game show.) The vast majority of people have potentially healthy bodies.  Let’s put it this way:  If you’re getting up out of bed and going to work every day and you have a social life, there is NO REASON you can’t be as healthy as possible.  But it’s tough to make a change ‘cause you’re in this fix for a fuckin’ reason.

(Back to 80s gym bunny Erik with magenta bicycle shorts, sleeveless muscle shirt with an alarming quantity of chest hair, and a terri-cloth head band.)  He’s doing jumping jacks that are extra-bouncy, and he wouldn’t say anything until I wrote about his jumping jacks.  And his smelly armpits, gawd Erik!

I’m the new Old Spice Guy.  Now I’m riding a horse!

Why am I riding a horse?  Because it’s grounding!  Kate, you’re the best one to talk about animal partnerships in our healing.  GO!

Okay, I’ve put a lot of thought and conversation into this over the years.  Oh, I want to give a shout out to these people, who regularly partner with animals in healing:  http://www.reikifurbabies.com/

You would be surprised how much work our household pets and plants do to help us heal and stay healthy.  Often our animals are our first line of defense against malevolent energies, in grounding whatever craziness we may have picked up throughout the day and brought home, even in taking on or mirroring our own physical ailments.  All of our pets love us and love is automatically, reflexively healing and grounding, but some of them take it a lot further than that.

Some animals even devote their whole lives to healing, like these guys:  http://providence.bc.ca/  This is one of my favourite places on Vancouver Island – every human, every animal, every blade of grass has a healing orientation.  The place is enchanted.

I’d like to draw particular attention to the horses of the therapeutic riding program:  http://www.ctra.ca/ which operates out of Providence farm.  If you don’t know what therapeutic horseback riding or hippotherapy is, check it out and be amazed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippotherapy

Erik says, even the horses in the races are teaching humanity.  Humans wouldn’t have survived on earth without horses. 

That’s a broad statement – we really would’ve died out without them?

Yeah, because horses were the first willing partners with humans.  (I ask him about dogs – I thought I read somewhere that dogs were found to be buried ceremonially with people before the known archeological evidence we have of people working with horses.)   No, it was horses before dogs.  We didn’t saddle / bridle horses for a long time – hey you don’t have to believe me!  (My brain is busy sifting through all the information I’ve absorbed over the years, because this doesn’t make sense to me right now.  Oh well, I’ll figure it out later.)

See horses and dogs and cats and cattle and all these other animals that have “been domesticated” by humans are really participating in a grand (evolution / expansion).  They’re all these little compasses that just naturally want to attune, mellow and move the direction of expansion (forward / outward.)

Erik, I didn’t quite get what you meant by the direction of the expansion.  Expansion / growth / learning is all expansion, right?

Yeah but you’re always moving towards or away from love.  Domesticated animals are always pushing humanity towards love, no matter what they’re doing.  If they’re cows sent to slaughter, if they’re race horses with short lives or if they’re a 20 year wise old shih-tzu, (shows me leaning) they’re leaning towards love just like plants find the light. 

(Shows me some potato seedlings that I put in a drawer and forgot about – a year later they had sprouted, pushed the drawer open with their stems and grown leaves.)

But how fair is it to lean on your pet for all your healing?  They can do a much better job if you are actually putting time and thought into it yourself.  They can do surface damage control, but the real healing and the real change is something We The People (Americaaaaa!) have to do for ourselves. 

So…. How?

How should people heal themselves?  Yeah, what do you suggest?

(points to his mouth) You gotta use this thing, it’s your first line of defense.  Use it to say no or to ask for help when you need it.  Use it to speak out when you see something wrong ‘cause seeing harm come to others hurts us on the inside – we take that damage on empathetically, so you need to speak

You know how you hear this terrible news story, and it’s so terrible you just HAVE to tell someone else about it?  Part of why you just have to talk about something bad that happened is speaking about it is a way of partially healing it.  It comes back to voice and sound, vibration again.  Those noises you make with your flapper MATTERS.

I take a second to poke Erik teasingly about the sheer quantity of cursing he does.  He replies, Yeah but when I do it, it’s *funny*! 

Speaking is also a way of perpetuating / spreading crap, so it’s important to think about how you talk about shit; avoid just smearing the shit around and actually create some healing energy.  (He pokes at me to explain animal communication, because he’s saying it’s applicable to what he’s talking about.)

Erik’s talking about how, when communicating with a dog for example, it’s better to think in terms of what you want.  If your dog is jumping up on people when they come into your house, what you want to say in your head is “Stay down” while clearly picturing the dog with all fours on the ground while calmly wagging his tail and greeting people.  What is confusing to the dog is if you say, “Don’t jump!” or you say “Off / Down / Sit!” with your words while you’re thinking “Oh no, he’s jumping again, I knew he would jump again, he always JUMPS!”  The dog is going to be confused by the message you’re sending with your thoughts vs. the message you’re saying with your words.  And that’s before we start thinking about how you’re communicating with your body – I could go on and on about animal communication, but I hit the point Erik was after.

Yeah, the big difference is between “Don’t Jump!” and “Stay down.” Just even feel the difference – say it out loud, right now!  Even saying the words with no dog around affects how YOU FEEL. 

 Watch how you’re reacting to a news story, or to something in your life.  Are you saying in your head, “That shouldn’t have happened.  Why do bad things always happen?”  It’s extra work to train yourself to think differently, like, “Hmm, why did that happen?  What can we learn?  Is someone helping?  What have we learned?”  Sometimes you really have to look and think about it before you can figure out a Mary Sunshine way of looking at things.

But that’s one of the reasons animals are so great at gravitating towards love, because they don’t think about things like, “That shouldn’t have happened.”  They’re looking at what is, most of the time.  And they’re thinking about the next immediate thing.  In that way, your pet is like a zen / reiki master!

Erik ends this session by offering me a dog treat and saying SPEAK!

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please visit her professional website: tofinopsychic.com and her personal blog: psychicintraining.com

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