How We Evolve After Death

I had trouble keeping Erik on track with this question. What I really wanted to find out is how our senses, emotions and self-concept changes while we’re in the afterlife, but for some reason, I couldn’t get him to go much beyond the comparison of how these differ before and after death. He was a bit distracted. Maybe he felt the question was tedious and boring. Like calculus.

Channeling Transcript

Me: How do we evolve in the afterlife? Specifically, how does our sensory system change? How does our concept of our “memory body” change? How does our concept of self and individuality change?

Erik: Uh, well, we let go of the body and the brain, so a lot changes. Once you let go of the brain, you operate at full capacity.

Me: But do we still keep evolving? In other words, so—

Erik: Yes.

Me: —do we have more of a memory of senses right after we shed the body, then does that memory change or dissipate?

Erik: No, we maintain that memory. We can evolve in heaven, but the big daddy of ‘em all for evolving is there on the earthly plane. That’s where big shit happens. Big jumps in progress. That’s why we keep choosing to come back.

Me: Okay. How do our emotions change while we’re there?

Erik: Hugely, cuz when we get here, we drop all of our issues at the door, and we act at the peak level of our enlightenment. There’s nothing dragging us down.

Me: We still have emotions?

Erik: Of course! When we die, we retain our personality along with our emotions, but since there’s no adversity or challenge here, the emotions you feel are mostly positive.

Me: Well, what about when you guys see people over here grieve over your loss, what kind of emotions does that evoke?

Erik: Kinda depends on the individual soul, Mom. For me, when you found my body, it brought tears, trauma, guilt. I felt a horrible sense of regret and responsibility. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had. EVER. So there are definitely emotions in heaven, but here, we know why we’re feeling certain emotions—always! On the earthly plane, some people wonder, “Why do I feel depressed,” or “Why do I feel so sad?”

Me: Ah, gotcha.

Erik: And over there on the earthly plane, negative emotions and resistance to working through issues can bring on injury or sickness. That can’t happen over here. Since we don’t have a physical body, we can mourn the loss of a loved one without it affecting us in any other way.

Me: Oh, interesting.

Erik:—except emotionally.

Me: So really, the emotions, the concept of body, our five senses—they’re different when we shed our bodies, but they don’t really evolve after that?

Erik: They can, with uh, they can, but not as much as on the earthly plane.

Kim: Spirits can evolve like Erik. Look how far he’s come! Guardian angels can evolve because they’re learning and teaching…

Me: Okay.

Erik: On the earthly plane, we’re interacting with souls who we know but who we forget we know, and who can make VERY negative choices that completely changes our lives.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Over here, that doesn’t happen.

Me: Okay, that makes sense. Now is there any point or circumstance when we lose our unique personality or sense of self?

Erik: In the afterlife, no; on earth, all the fuckin’ time.

Me: No kiddin’!

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