Mending, Merging and Motivating

Channeling Transcript

Me: When they dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of course almost half a million people died in those blasts. One reader wants to know how a soul could possibly survive such an assault when everything around is vaporized.

Erik: You’re making it sound like the reader is comparing the soul to the body, like a piece of glass that is breakable. The soul is not breakable.

Me: Okay. So the soul can never be destroyed?

Erik: No. The only thing the soul can do is surrender and be absorbed, absorbed into the main Source. That would be the ultimate disappearance.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But it’s not demanded.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: It’s not the same as enlightenment, you know, merging with the Source through ultimate enlightenment. That’s different.

Me: Do you lose your individual consciousness when that happens?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Oh, boy, that’s not good. I don’t ever want to lose my sense of self.

Erik: You still know who you are, and you gain the entire mass consciousness. You’re just not as separated, as individuated. It’s hard to explain, because it hasn’t happened to me. I’m just telling you what I’ve heard.

Me: Can you tell us more when you find out? I just have this thing about losing my sense of self. It’s like dying.

Erik: Mom, from what I understand, it’s not like that. It’s just so hard to explain it in terms of human language. And back to your question about if the soul gets vaporized in bombs—a soul’s energy can get, well, sort of torn by certain traumas. I don’t know how to explain it better than that, but we have healers here that mend energy and make it whole again.

Me: Did you have to have your soul mended since your death was so traumatic, violent?

Erik: Not really. I left my body before the bullet even entered my skull, because on a soul level this was my destiny. I did have to go through some therapy to get oriented, to help me fully remember that it was my destiny and to connect my past lives with the emotional issues I had in my last lifetime.

Me: Okay, Well, I’m so glad you left your body and didn’t feel any pain. It’s a relief to me to know this death was your destiny and that you’re meant to help so many people from your perspective in the afterlife. I had a hard time dealing with the idea that it wasn’t your destiny. Why did it come across that way in the earlier channeling sessions?

Erik: Two reasons. First, early on, I wasn’t fully oriented yet, Mom. Now, I know. Second, the mediums misinterpreted things a bit, maybe because of me being confused. They thought it was a destiny I created for myself after I got here to make up for what I did. It’s true, I wanted to make things right, but it was more like I was determined to work even harder to make up for all the suffering my suicide caused for you guys. That’s why I planned, between lives, to commit suicide instead of dying in like in a car wreck or from some illness. We both knew it would be more emotionally traumatic for you and the rest of the family, and this would motivate me to accomplish more here, to work a lot harder.

Me: That all makes sense. Well, I’m glad, and I’m so grateful and proud that you’ve sacrificed your life on the earthly plane to help us, Sweetie.

Erik: Yeah, it was our plan all along, Mom.

Me: Okay, so you say where you are now, the grass is purple. Is that only for you or everyone else, too. In other words, can you and another soul be right next to each other and see a different landscape?

Erik: Well, we can do both, Mom. We can see the same landscape through the other person’s “eyes,” because, listen, listen—a (he’s very excited at this point in the conversation.)

Jamie (chuckling): He’s got his palms out.

Erik: Listen, Mom, if the person’s sitting next to me, they’re sitting in my energy.

Me: Ah!

Erik: And when we do that here, we can merge perspectives, merge consciousness.

Me: Ooo, cool!

Erik: So if I’m perceiving the purple, shiny grass, then the person sitting next to me can see through my eyes what I’m envisioning.

Me: Wow!

Erik: And I can see through his.

Me: That is awesome, Erik! Now, what if you and your buddies want to go surfing at a beach. Do you have to create reality as a collective?

Erik: Yeah, but there’s so many people who have that same desire, that these beaches exist, so we can go to that place any time.

Me: Oh, I see! Can one buddy snow ski while you surf, but you’re still in the same proximity?

Erik: Yep. You can have a created realm on top of another created realm. It’s amazing, Mom.

Me: Plus you don’t have to break a leg or get eaten by sharks!

Erik laughs.

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