Potholes and the Spiritual Awakening

Before we address this fascinating subject, I’d like to address the fear that some expressed given Erik’s predictions in the last entry. One reader made an astute observation. Maybe Erik and others put this prediction out there so we’d focus our energy to avoiding it. If not, remember that this is just one of many lessons we, as a collective, have and will continue to endure. It’s the ride we signed up for. And if it does come to pass, perhaps we’ll open our eyes to the fact that scarcity is an illusion. There is abundance for all in every way imaginable. Perhaps we’ll open our eyes to the fact that separation is an illusion. The simple joy of surviving will require cooperation between individuals and groups. Money, commerce and technology will no longer trap us in cocoons. And think about this: what harm can really come of all this? What’s the worst thing that can happen? After all, we’re eternal and Divine. It’ll all come out in the wash, I promise.

I’d also like to mention that I just finished reading Survival of the Soul, the latest book by world-renown medium and clairvoyant, Lisa Williams. It’s a wonderful read, and confirms everything Erik says about death, the afterlife, and reincarnation. I highly recommend it.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Is it dangerous to give predictions for people’s future? Does it impose on their free will in any way?

Erik: No, it doesn’t impose! Trust me, if it’s going to alter the way you behave that much, we’re not going to talk about it. We don’t share information that might alter someone’s path so much that they totally detour from their spiritual blueprint. That’s like Guide 101 shit.

Me: Yeah, I would think that’d be a pretty basic rule! And I bet there are some predictions that guides sort of get us to share to nudge someone in the right direction.

Erik: Yep, and there have been times when we’ve seen that the person is going to be so off-track that if we go ahead and share something, they might say, “There’s no way in HELL I want THAT!! So, they’ll turn 90 degrees to avoid it. Then that turn puts them on a better path.

Me: Oh, good, Hey, you guys are pretty sneaky!

Erik: Yep, we have to be sometimes! So when people fuss at you for giving predictions to others, like through a psychic, they feel like their right to secrecy is being taken away—like it’s supposed to be some big mystery that shouldn’t be toyed with.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Well, that’s a person who’s a firm believer that time is linear and that there’s still MYSTERY TO COME! (He says this is a mock inspired tone.)

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: But the truth is, we’ve already done it. We’ve already lived it; it’s already existed. So let’s go easy on the humans!

Jamie (chuckling): He puts his hands out, I don’t know, like how you would pat down a bed. ‘Easy on the humans!’

Me: You mean the people who fuss at us for providing the predictions?

Erik: Yes. Yes. And you know you have multiple selves, so one of those selves is following the prediction and the other ones may be traveling all sorts of other paths. As long as the journey takes you through the lessons and the goals from your spiritual blueprint have been achieved, who the fuck cares if you take the road paved with asphalt, the road covered with potholes, the road paved in concrete or the one paved in gold!

(Okay, I’m going for the one covered in gold. No, make that chocolate.)

Me: That’s right, and each of our selves can share the fruits of those lessons with the other selves.

Erik: Yep.

My Life's Road

Yeah. Right! (or Left?)

Me: So, is the whole thing about Indigos and Crystals and Rainbows true?

Erik: Yeah, totally true. We were a sleeping world for a long, long time. And we chose to be that way, because we chose to surrender ourselves and give in to government and religion and let go of our personal power. Then, one by one, as we fought through that it’s just like dominoes falling or the 100th monkey—it begins to expand, so those souls came back to inhabit the land again. It started off with people who were highly intuitive—

Me: Wait, what do you mean, “the souls came back to inhabit the land again?” Are you talking about a certain type of soul?

Erik: Um, yes, a certain type of soul. Just think of the Indigos, the Crystals—whatever names people are giving them—these are souls that are coming into a body and NOT having full amnesia. Like, some are coming in with, say,  40% amnesia, 60% knowing. These are the people who will train the others to wake the fuck up. This is our time to wake up.

Me: So, what’s the difference between Indigos and Crystals, I mean, as far as their purpose is concerned?

Erik: Well, the Indigos are like the rebels that are supposed to slap people in the face to wake them up. They’re the teachers, the ones who confront and break down the status quo. The Crystals are more sensitive and calm. They’re the healers who’ll help you learn how to put your life back together.

Jamie (excitedly): Get this. He gave me this image when he said it’s our time to wake up. He showed me somebody sleeping in a bed in a dead sleep. And you have to shake them, take them by their shoulders and hops and just grab them and shake and shake and shake to get even a tiny bit of attention out of that person.

Erik: That’s what happens. There has to be a lot of collapse and violent moving before humanity wakes up. The financial collapse we just talked about—-that’s part of it. The shake to wake up.

Me: Shake and Wake!

Jamie: I love that metaphor so much. “Shake to wake up.”

Me: Me too! So are we approaching this age of Spiritual Awakening?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Oh, good! Give us details, Erik? What will it be like?

Erik: Well, you have to get through the hardest part of life where the earth will really shake it up for you. But what it’s like is, you can look at any person—age, race, status—and you can feel the connection with them. There won’t be that distance anymore. The separation illusion will weaken, especially between life forces, because trees, plants, animals, everything will be respected.

Me: Oh, good! Now, when you say the earth will be involved in shaking us out of our coma, are we talking about something apocalyptic?

Erik: No, it’ll be like a string of disasters like you’re already seeing, but it’ll increase even more.

Me: Geez, how much of an increase are we talking about here? Are we talking about another Ice Age or a super volcano or—

Erik: Not an Ice Age.

(Long pause)

Erik: I hate to tell you, but the United States will be destroyed by a super volcano. The one in Yellowstone National Park.

(Longest pause ever)

(Ha, ha, April Fools from little ol’ me, Elisa. See where Erik gets it? The “longest pause ever” was to keep your eyes from drifting lower ahead of time. Can’t have you spoiling my joke, can I?)

Jamie: He does show a volcano, but I don’t know if you’d call it mega or super. But he’s showing me the land plates moving.

Me: Yeah, I think we’re already seeing some of that starting. So, when is the age of Spiritual Awakening? It might be impossible to say, given the fact that there’s no linear time, but—

Jamie (laughing): I know, isn’t that fun?!

Me: I know! It makes it hard to reconcile things: the human construct of linear time and the moment point in the afterlife!

Erik: The timing all depends on how much energy people are putting toward the chaos compared to how much energy people are putting toward the calm.

Me: Oh, okay. So it depends on the balance between the two.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Like playing spiritual tug-o-war over a lava pit!

Erik (putting his finger up): Exactly! Exactly!

Me: What about Rainbow and Star children? Do they exist too, or are there only Indigos and Crystals?

Erik: No, there are different energy patterns. Rainbows have a sensitivity to all levels of vibration, and they’re coming in for harmony purposes—balance and harmony. The Stars, those are E.T.s coming from other places, other planets, other races, who come in to the human form to help enlighten humans so they know that there’s a much bigger box that we live in. (He laughs.) Humans think it’s so small!

Me: Aw, we’re such peons!

This weekend, I’ll share with you some exciting information that might just explain what he means. It has to do with black holes, white holes, singularities and event horizons.

Blog member, Susan, shared this wonderful song by Michael Jackson. I’m sure you all know it, but the lyrics couldn’t possibly be more apropos! Talk about synchronicity! Thanks, Susan!

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