Erik’s Magic Trick

I have a lot of very cool things to share with you today. First and foremost, ROBERT HAS BEEN UNLEASHED ON THE UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC!!!! YAY!! He’s here with me at home, no doubt being driven crazy by the happy chaos. My sister and brother-in-law are coming to help us celebrate!

As if this wasn’t good news enough, Michelle finally got a long-awaited Erik Experience. She went up to his room to see if she could clear out some of the things that hold no sentimental value. While she was looking around by his desk, she felt his finger poking her over and over again in the back of her neck. She said it tickled her every time. She knew it was him and said her hellos. A few moments later, she heard a scratching noise behind her. It sounded like it was coming from just outside his bedroom windows, so she walked over, looked out, and saw zip. Nada. Then, scratching again. It was coming from an old mylar birthday balloon of Arleen’s that was all but empty of helium. She watched as it slowly floated up the wall on it’s own. It’s been very cold here in Houston, so the air-conditioning was not on. The air in the room was stock still. As she continued to look in amazement, the balloon started to float forward about 8 feet toward Michelle and came to an abrupt stop inches in front of her face. Erik was presenting her with the balloon as if it were a bouquet of flowers!

Michelle praised him for his amazing prowess, extending her hand toward him. Then, she felt him blow on her palm. It was cold, yet inviting. We tried to take videos in the room to see if we could spot any signs of paranormal activity. The balloon did move toward Pappa as if to greet him. See what you think!

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